Are you a woman who has:



Hormonal imbalances – PMS, PMDD, PCOS

Perimenopause or menopause

Chronic pain and lack of energy

Problems sleeping

Herbal Medicine

For women who need help with:




Hormonal Imbalance

Emotional health


Crystal Healing

Let go of worry

Exhale stress

Deep relaxation

Recover from physical and emotional exhaustion

Support self-healing

Emotional release and healing

Gain mental clarity

Intuitive readings

Learn who you are on a soul level

Learn about life purpose

Understand repeating issues

Utilize your spiritual gifts

Learn about your aura

See what to improve

Gain a larger perspective

Intuitive Harmony Medicine LLC does not make any medical claims about their services and only seeks to heal on a holistic, energetic level.

Intuitive Harmony Medicine

is a holistic wellness center

offering herbal medicine,

crystal healing, intuitive

readings, and aromatherapy

massage for women who

need support.

herbal medicine in nashville tennessee

I have helped women who have struggled with:


Severe PMS




Overwhelming stress


Feelings of depression

Chronic pain


Happy, healthy woman
crystal healing in nashville

I am here to help women feel better naturally.

Hi, I’m Rachael! When you work with me, you get holistic and natural but PRACTICAL tools to help you get in balance. My goal is to support women who are mentally and physically exhausted using herbal medicine, crystal healing, intuitive guidance, and massage.

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Start your natural health journey

What my clients say:

“A reading so full of shocking reality and discovery. It has opened many doors to many worlds (quite literally), so many realizations I’ve never considered. It was unsettling and wholly life changing, all the while delivered with such sparkling warmth. I cannot thank you enough. Truly.” – MILES

“I recently experienced Intuitive Harmony Medicine’s ebook “Caring for the Energy Body with Crystals and Herbs” Honestly, the amount of information in this ebook blew my mind. You get a ton of info for the cost of this ebook. It is very well researched, easily readable and gives very clear actionable steps on the subjects it covers. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone that is looking to explore the use of crystals and herbs as a way to care for their body, mind and soul!” – JILLIAN

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For women who need relief

Learn and move forward

  • I help women learn natural  and effective ways of navigating through their mental, physical, and emotional pain that leave them feeling better and better,
  • address deep and painful issues while also receiving comfort and relaxation,

Do more than cope – thrive

  • I help women balance and heal their bodies from the inside out,
  • to make shifts in their lives in order to better manage depression, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm
  • I help women who have hit rock bottom soar to new heights


  • I teach women that all of their power is already available to them and it only awaits their recognition and acceptance. I help women in Nashville connect to their inherent fortitude,
  • to put their foot down and choose strength.
  • I help women make shifts in perspective to release cords of fear and disempowerment,
  • and that all of their power is already available to them and it only awaits their recognition and acceptance. I help women connect to their inherent fortitude

Transition and change

  • I help women who need to change what they are doing because what they are doing isn’t working,
  • women who have had shit hit the fan and don’t know where to turn find direction, relief and clarity,
  • and I help women make healthy transitions – from painful periods to not painful, from overwhelming anxiety to manageable.

Herbal medicine

I address long-term issues such as infertility, PMS, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, and other emotional or women’s health issues. As someone in need of healing you have probably run into people who did not really listen to your problems. This is the biggest mistake – for without getting to know you and your pain, it is unlikely that one can give the right treatment. I make sure to set aside my own preconceptions about you and your condition and get to know you as an individual because pain is different for everyone. I promise that I will strive to create a plan that leaves takes you from where you are now to the place you would like to be.

Crystal healing

In a crystal healing session specifically chosen crystals are placed on top of your body to promote a state of deep rest, healing, and peace.  Everything in this reality is made of energy, including humans. By making shifts in a persons energy field, I am able to bring them into a better state of balance. When people receive crystal healing and energy healing they feel relaxed, energized, and like they just spent an hour in heaven!

Intuitive readings

Get a psychic intuitive reading here in Nashville or long-distance – Learn about how your thoughts, mannerisms, and habits play a part in what is going on in your life. Shed light on unclear areas of your life and gain a deeper understanding of Self.


In a botanical therapeutic massage, Specially-blended plant-infused oils will be placed on your body to nourish your nervous system, provide pain relief, and promote blissful relaxation.  Because I have years of professional training as an herbalist, I am able to choose the safest and best topical medicines to use during a massage session. There are hundreds of plants that help relax the nervous system, act as sedatives, promote sleep, and help with anxiety. The best place in Nashville for aromatherapy massage.

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I offer a body-positive and trans-friendly space that is full of empathy and understanding.

get in balance with holistic healing, tarot reading

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