Hi, I’m Rachael!

I am a crystal healer, herbalist, massage therapist, and intuitive reader. I am passionate about empowering women and helping them live vibrant lives. I would love to helpyou feel like yourself again and remind you of the beauty of life. I help women in the Nashville area find clarity, peace, comfort, and hope.

Testimonials & praise

“I recently experienced Intuitive Harmony Medicine’s ebook “Caring for the Energy Body with Crystals and Herbs” Honestly, the amount of information in this ebook blew my mind. You get a ton of info for the cost of this ebook. It is very well researched, easily readable and gives very clear actionable steps on the subjects it covers. I highly recommend this ebook to anyone that is looking to explore the use of crystals and herbs as a way to care for their body, mind and soul!”


“A reading so full of shocking reality and discovery. It has opened many doors to many worlds (quite literally), so many realizations I’ve never considered. It was unsettling and wholly life changing, all the while delivered with such sparkling warmth. I cannot thank you enough. Truly.”