Apache Tear


  • Can help when you are feeling victimized
  • Can help if you feel trapped in the past
  • Grief
  • Negativity
  • Forgiveness

Soul retrieval and healing of trauma

Apache tears help one to go back into the past, down into the underworld of the soul and retrieve life lessons and lost or fragmented parts of the self, and let the rest go. This includes emotional baggage, negative thought patterns, patterns of self sabotage, guilt and unforgiveness for yourself or others.

Apache tear feels like a pipe cleaner loosening gunk off of the walls of clogged pipes or arteries so that there is better circulation. When one gets stuck in the past or gets frozen by trauma there is a lot less circulation of energy in the body, both physically and nonphysically. Apache tear helps to slowly clear away the gunk that is clogging up the body emotionally so that one can move on and feel alive again. It helps the body to feel less constricted and to loosen up.

Protection and dealing with negativity
This crystal also helps to raise your sensitivity and awareness so that you can tell what things in your life are negative and are not serving you well. It helps you to sense not only your own negative thought patterns, but the negativity of others, whether they are in physical form or not. Apache tear protects against these energies and helps to eliminate them.

Acceptance and strengthening of the physical body
Often when people are either seriously wounded/victimized or do not want to be here in the physical, they have weak physical bodies that are unable to effectively fight off illness. Apache tear helps with strengthening the physical body and the immune system and purifying the body. Working with this crystal can be beneficial to those people who are very resistant to living life here and think that life is bad or a waste of time. Apache tears can help someone like this to actually enjoy living a physical life here.

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