• Clear skin
  • Communication issues
  • Balancing logic with creativity
  • Developing higher creativity and the higher mind
  • Getting your creative ideas into physical form


Balance of heart, mind, creativity, and logic

Aquamarine helps you to be very logical and creative at the same time. Aquamarine also facilitates coherence between the brain and the heart so that you can make decisions from both your brain and heart equally. It helps you to manifest your creative ideas and goals in a logical way and assists you in clearly communicating creative ideas. Aquamarine can help people who are very creative but are often misunderstood or seen as crazy by others to speak in a rational way that others will understand.This crystal will help facilitate a meeting of the minds. It can be very helpful during meetings especially between business partners.

This crystal can also help people who are very grounded and third dimensional to begin to open their upper energy centers and see beyond the physical realm.

Expressing and embracing your unique self

Aquamarine reminds you that all the answers are within your heart and that even if you look on the outside for knowledge or help – whether its from crystals, people, or herbs – you are just looking at another aspect of yourself. It helps you to maintain a balance between relying on yourself and looking for help from outside sources. It also reminds you that you are a lot more powerful than you think.

Aquamarine urges you to speak your mind and put your creative ideas to use. There are many people with good ideas, but too often they think that they are not good enough. Aquamarine is a good crystal for these kinds of people. It helps you to take flight with your creative ideas and say goodbye to excuses. Aquamarine can help you to get in touch with your inner beauty so that you can shine from the inside out.

Sound healing and body confidence

Physically, aquamarine helps with having clear skin and feeling like you are the perfect physical version of yourself. Aquamarine is a good crystal for any type of sound healing and toning. It helps you to find the exact note that is appropriate for you to use. I imagine this would be a very good crystal for singers and musicians to work with as well.

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