Black Onyx


  • Confidence
  • Removing obstacles
  • Magic rituals
  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Cleansing

Getting out of your comfort zone to grow, be confident, and form new habits

Black onyx loves to help get you out of your comfort zone. This crystal can be beneficial to both people who are thrill seekers and like to constantly live on the edge and try new things, and to people who are very fearful of trying new things and feel more comfortable within routines and thus tend to miss out on opportunities. This crystal can help balance both of these extremes as well as provide protection while adventuring through life.

Black onyx is good if you would like to let go of bad habits and start new habits. It helps you to begin a new diet, exercise routine, or anything that improves your health. It helps you find the root cause behind your bad habits. Black onyx also helps improve the health and appearance of the skin, hair, and nails, since it is such a rejuvenating stone.

Black onyx helps you to feel confident like you can do the things that you want to do. It encourages you to feel good about yourself and you abilities.Black onyx helps with opening doors and removing obstacles. It also helps you to be diligent and work hard towards your goals. Since this is a solar plexus crystal, it helps a lot with things like organization, mental tasks, and the intellect.

This crystal teaches non-attached observation without judgment.

Spiritual rituals and magic

Black onyx can be helpful to people who are magicians, witches, or just about anyone who practices or studies magic. It can be very helpful during rituals, it helps to amp up you magic to the next level. Ways you could incorporate black onyx into you magic would be to leave it on your altar or place some on your wand (or other ritual tools).
Protection, clearing, and vitality

Black onyx helps to gently remove toxins from the auric field and physical body. It is also very grounding and it offers protection by blocking and transmuting negative energies. It breaks up energy blockages and different types of astral junk that can build up like cobwebs around the body’s energy centers

Physically, black onyx can help increase the overall vitality of the body. The energy of black onyx restarts and recharges the body, especially in the solar plexus area. This gets things moving again and is especially useful for moving toxins down and out of the body. It is sort of like using jumper cables on your solar plexus. This crystal also helps to support healthy bones and teeth, especially teeth that are beginning to loosen up or fall out.

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