Black Tourmaline

This crystal is associated with the color yellow, storm energy, and the root energy center.


  • Grounding and centering
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Getting rid of stale energy
  • Self-mastery
  • Facing obstacles and having courage
  • Illness in the pelvic, reproductive, hip, and upper leg area

Transformation and alchemy via life challenges

Black tourmaline can help when you are between a rock and a hard place. This is when everything seems bleak and you feel like you have absolutely no way to improve your life situation. It helps you to learn how to navigate through dark nights of the soul These dark nights of the soul are times when it seems like your shadows are taking over and everything has gone downhill. Black tourmaline can help you with getting through seemingly impossible life circumstances and coming out on top.

The energy of this crystal helps you find your connection to divinity even when it seems furthest away. It is like it helps you to find the good in even the darkest situations. This crystal reminds you that when you are up against a lot of negativity and obstacles you will not be destroyed but you will persevere. This is a good crystal to take with you if you are going to be in a negative environment or a place which you do not feel safe in.

Black tourmaline helps you to become a more refined version of yourself and experience divine alchemy. When you are put into the fires of life you come out a better person. Black tourmaline says  “I help them to find the masters in themselves.” So in a sense, black tourmaline helps you to level up and become better. Black tourmaline reminds you that life is like a mirror, that everything is a reflection of you on a deeper level and so when you are looking at something else here, you are really seeing yourself.

Removal of unhealthy stale energy

Black tourmaline can shake up stale energy in a room, or even in your energy body and auric field. Its not so much that it makes things chaotic, but it cleanses by getting rid of old energy. Sometimes you may feel that there is a negative being or influence in your house, but you may just need a cleansing. And so black tourmaline helps by keeping stale energy in check and dispelling that negativity.


This energy is not the kind that will cause you to withdraw your focus from the third dimension like some crystals, but it actually helps you to face physical reality. This would be a very good crystal to work with if you feel you have trouble staying connected to what is going on in your life. This would be a good crystal for people so frequently dissociate and leak out of their auras. It is like black tourmaline helps you to fit securely into your physical body. It helps you to become stable and learn more about what your needs are in life so that you can survive and take care of yourself. It also helps you to organize your life and put people, things, and priorities in their right places. It helps you get back to the basics and focus on how to take care of yourself at the most basic level and then work your way up. It can teach you to not have negative reactions so quickly because you are centered in yourself and more emotionally stable.

Physically, black tourmaline can help where there is weakness of bone in the pelvic/hip area. It also helps when there has been shame or misuse concerning the reproductive and genital area.
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