• Courage, stability, and grounding
  • Heart and blood health
  • Perseverance
  • Initiation and reinventing yourself
  • General vitality and health

Committing to live and striving towards your goals

Bloodstone can help you commit to life. It is like a mantra is pushed into your being: “I AM here and I claim this space.” Bloodstone can help you to remember that there is nothing wrong with you existing and you do deserve to be here. It helps with feeling stable, courageous, and unmovable – like you are a stone yourself. The energy of this stone is very calming and it helps with some cases of anxiety. It can really help with people who hold their breath or breathe shallowly while they are anxious, it helps you to take deeper breaths. It also helps you to be more comfortable in your own skin and feel like everything is okay for now.

Bloodstone can help you persevere and strive towards your goals, even if you are going through hard times. It can help you to feel calm while you are metaphorically swimming in turbulent water. Bloodstone helps to bring you and your goal together like a couple of magnets. Especially when it you already know what it is that you want but things just aren’t lining up correctly. Bloodstone helps to put you on the same wavelength as your goal so that things can come together more quickly. It also helps to bring people closer together in relationships and to resolve petty arguments. Bloodstone can push you to take productive actions instead of doing nothing with your anger and irritation at something.

Rites of passage and advancement

Bloodstone can help facilitate rites of passage or any ritual that you go through to enter into a new phase of your life. This stone would help in any spell or rite where you are trying to move to higher levels and advance yourself. It helps you to claim or reclaim who you are, so it could help a lot if you have a lot of negative beliefs about yourself. The energies of this stone promote change and reinvention of the self.

Grounding and physical nourishment

Bloodstone can help with the physical body as well, it helps to increase overall health and vitality. Bloodstone helps you to grow healthy teeth, hair, skin, and nails. It also helps with anemia and people who don’t nourish themselves because they don’t want to be here.

The stone will also assist you with connecting with snakes. It is also a very grounding stone, it promotes a healthy relationship with the earth. After making this deep connection to the planet, you will have an easier time accessing the earths history and the akashic records. Bloodstone helps you to be in tune with your own heart – physically and emotionally – and to make better choices for your heart.

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