Blue Lace Agate


  • Self expression
  • Art and creativity
  • Public speaking
  • Throat ailments

Accepting yourself and sharing your authentic self

This crystal helps us to know that our feelings are valid, and it also gives a supportive energy so that we can express our feelings without guilt or shame. It helps us to undo the damage done to us when we were told that our feelings were not okay or that we were overreacting.

Blue lace agate helps us realize that we are okay just as we are- right now in this moment. So there is no “mistake”, and there is no fear of failure, because there is inherent worth that can’t be taken away by a bad performance or speech. Blue lace agate helps us connect to the oneness and beauty of life so that ego based performing and personality structures are not so important that they cause anxiety and fear about self expression.

Blue lace agate helps us with finding a way of life that feels right to us and living authentically. It teaches us that the only truth we need to be concerned about is our own. Blue lace agate helps us connect to the part of us that knows that we contain a lot more wisdom than we think. This crystal also helps us feel “ripe” and ready to share ourselves with the world. It also helps maintain a constant flow of creative ideas.

Blockages from repressed expression

This crystal can help where there is pain and blockages in the throat (not necessarily physical) from a lot of crying, but still not publicly expressing feelings of pain or resolving the underlying issue. This crystal would probably help a lot in cases where there are cord attachments to other people that hold negative beliefs about self expression in them.

This crystal can also help in cases with small children that are really fussy and upset, crying frequently for no apparent reason.

Seeing beauty in life and dealing with negativity

This crystal also helps us to see beauty in the earth again and helps to change the thought patterns, beliefs, and words we say that help to shape our life experiences. It helps us see the positive in even the most desolate situations- repatterns us to look for the good ( but not to blindly ignore the “bad”, either) Blue lace Agate reminds us of the things that we love when we are focused negatively, and by doing so, it helps with opening and softening the heart. From this kind of space it’s easier to see what needs to be expressed and what doesn’t, and how to express it.

Blue lace agate helps to cool anger and resentment that has been “stewing” for a long time. It has a very calming energy that can be beneficial to those who have trouble expressing without completely exploding. Working with this crystal can also help us to keep calm in negative situations and not snap at people.

Physically, blue lace agate can help sinus congestion, breathing, chronic bad breath, and respiratory disorders.
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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.