Overview of citrine:

  • Learning which steps and actions to take
  • Becoming less identified with your ego perspective
  • Embracing your personal power
  • Getting closer to God/source
  • Helps to increase abundance
  • Helps with growth of all kinds – mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • Creativity
  • Helps people who are performing or competing with others
  • Helps to clean and boost digestive system


Using physical action to help manifest and feeling proud of accomplishments


Citrine reminds us, “The heart will lead you where you want to go but only you can take the steps to get there.” We all have urges, instincts, wishes, hopes, dreams, goals, and visions. Our hearts yearn for things and desire life experiences all the time. But if we do not act on our hearts desires, the chances of us lining up with what we want are slim to none. In short, actions speak louder than words! A lot us into spirituality are very imaginative and intuitive, we dream big and have a lot of visions, but we have trouble taking the steps manifesting these visions because of our lack of power and grounding. Citrine reminds us that it is important for us to take the necessary actions to manifest our visions down here into the physical realm. What you are here to do is important, so take action and make it real.

This crystal also teaches that every action changes who we are and that we are not the same people we were yesterday. It is like putting a pebble into a pond. At first the water ripples and we are able to see the change, but after the water settles and the pebble has reached the bottom the changes may not be so obvious, we may even forget that the pebble is there.  We make changes to ourselves and grow all of the time, citrine helps us to remember our hard work and feel confident and proud of the steps we have taken. The energy of citrine helps us to feel proud of our accomplishments and learn how to use them as stepping stones to move forward in life. Citrine also helps with the guilt of feeling not good enough or feeling like we have not accomplished enough, and having low self-confidence because of it. Citrine helps us to remember that no actions are necessary to make us deserving of life, love, happiness, or anything else we desire.

Dealing with blockages to manifestation and abundance

To get abundance we must first give. We have to give up all of our blockages to abundance, we hold them very close and have a hard time letting go of them. Beliefs like “money makes people bad”, or “rich people are bad people”, keeps the abundance away. And yet we still hold on so tightly to these beliefs. There is a stack of abundance sitting in front of you, but an even trade is required. Give up the belief that you don’t deserve money, give up the thought that money is too hard to obtain, give up the belief that meaningful relationships are impossible to find, give up the fact that good people are few and far between, and you will have unlocked abundance. The universe in fact wants to exchange our negative beliefs for what we want, but since we have free will here no one forces us to give them up. Citrine reminds us that there is indeed a way for us to manifest abundance in our lives if we can make a few exchanges. Citrine teaches that you don’t create abundance, you are abundance.

Personal power and creativity

Citrine helps us to connect with our power. True power. The power of not needing to do anything. The power of pure presence. The energy of this crystal teaches you that true power is not an aggressive way of life or forced, willful action but a state of being that comes from the inside. Citrine helps us to release of all frustration and desperation as a result of coming into contact with our personal power. Spending time with citrine very much feels like sitting in the light of Source itself, it is very calming and yet powerful. It helps us to be less identified with our ego perspectives and feel more like an observer. This helps us to respond instead of react. Citrine says that there is so much power available for us to take and yet we take so little, why?


Citrine also helps with creativity! It helps us with making awe inspiring art because we are connected to our divine source of creative energy. A lot of people here believe that originality is dead, creativity is a limited resource, and someone can only be creative after taking drugs. But citrine helps to connect us with our own endless reservoirs of creativity that we can use to manifest and create all that we want here on earth. Citrine is also good  for performers, people who struggle with stage fright,  and competitors. It reminds us that we are only competing and performing for ourselves.

Physically, citrine can help with growth spurts, growing taller, bones and calcium. It gently cleans and rejuvenates the digestive system, and improves agility and flexibility.


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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.