Clear Calcite

Overview of what optical calcite is associated with and can help with:

  • Transformation
  • Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Spiritual searching
  • Looking within
  • Honestly with the self
  • Understanding ego
  • Getting yourself in alignment with a lifestyle that supports your spiritual wellbeing
  • Wisdom
  • Innocence
  • Purity

By Parent Géry (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Optical calcite (also known as Icelandic calcite or just clear calcite) can help awaken the fire of spiritual passion within you. It can help you feel passionate ans inspired about finding ways to help yourself on your path of spiritual growth. Many people on paths of self discovery and self improvement could develop a great relationship with this crystal and appreciate it for its forward-moving energy that pushes you to grow in your spiritual awakening.
This crystal can help you to become aware of the inner cogs and gears and mechanisms of the self. This includes beliefs, thoughts, and shadow aspects.
It can help you to see aspects of yourself objectively and not from a perspective of judgement. This calcite can help you understand that there are no good and bad parts of the self, they are just as they are. There is no judgement necessary. Even when you do find shadow sides of yourself, optical calcite can help you to view it from an observational and almost logical standpoint and see what it is you can do to heal the shadow aspect of yourself instead of simply labeling it as bad and trying to stifle it. Syvinski


Whereas before the many aspects of yourself were a mystery and seen as “that’s just the way it is”, with the energy of this crystal you can see how and why you are the way you are. Why you have those habits and think the way you do. What habits and thoughts are not good for you. What is good for you in the first place? Who are you really, are you nothing, or are you your ego? This crystal really just inspires a lot of questions and curiosity in regards to the self, the personality, the mind, and the ego.  It is a good crystal to help people “crack open” and get out of their stagnant lifestyles and start thinking out of the box.

Optical calcite teaches that there is no true end goal or destination because life always flows forward. There is no enlightened state where your soul stops growing and everything stops, because in this universe expansion is the underlying rule of everything. So this crystal teaches you that just by initiating a search within yourself you have connected with your “enlightenment” already. It teaches that your connection to god is not something you have to do or be – it is not an action. It simply is a part of who you are. It teaches that once you remove everything else all that is left is god-consciousness.

Clear calcite tells me that there is no journey to the self because you are always there with yourself. The only thing keeping you from self awareness and enlightenment is you running away from yourself and your own feelings. When you stop running from yourself all the answers and solutions are there. Paying attention to yourself is an act of self love and without this act there will be confusion, distraction, and no clarity about life purpose.

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