Gem Water

What is gem water?

       Gem water is water that has been exposed to crystals so that the water can be encoded with the energy of the crystals. You are left with very useful and high vibrational water. If you want to know more about how crystal healing works and why I work with crystals for healing read – “How Does Crystal Healing Work?“so that the rest of this article can make more sense to you.

Gem water is also known as a “gem elixir”  or “crystal water”. Crystals are amazing to work with for healing but there are other ways to incorporate their healing energies into your life. Gem water is one of those ways and it is a great tool because it is like having a liquid version of the crystal that can be used in so many ways.

Water is neutral and is highly programmable. This means that water can soak up the energetic vibrations of the things it is around. Water can easily hold psychic information, help you feel more creative and even be a vessel for spirit. This is why some people will find it easier to communicate with spirits when they are in the shower and why you may get creative ideas near large bodies of water.

Placing a crystal near water encodes the energy and particular traits of the crystal into the water. The strength and efficacy of the water depends on many things.

How is gem water made?

There are four main things to keep in mind when you are going to make a gem elixir – toxicity, intent, method of use, and desired potency.

1. Toxicity

Do not attempt to create gem water without researching what you are doing – and by researching I do not mean checking social media posts or doing a 2 minute google search. Just like with herbal medicine you want to make sure you are getting your information from reliable sources – often people who have been in the field for a few years and have actually used gem water enough to see the effects. Other good resources for creating gem water can be geology books and websites. Do not place crystals into your drinking water without checking for toxicity.

       If you live with small children or pets you will need to take precautions so that everyone involved is safe. If you cannot lock up your crystals and make sure that no one will be harmed by what you are making then please do not do it. Most crystals within the quartz family are safe for drinking water, like amethyst and rose quartz. Always check first. The book on gem water by Joachim Goebel and Michael Gienger is one of the best I have come across and it has reliable and safe information. This is a much better source than simply making a google search about your potential gem water. This is one of the best online lists of toxic crystals from healing crystals.

2. Intent

I believe that your intuition is your best friend when it comes to knowing which crystals you should work with. If you need ideas or if you feel that you do not know enough about crystals, The Book of Stones is one of the best books for this purpose for several reasons.

  1. it is not paraphrased information that you find in every other book. My problem with many books on crystals is that the only information is vague and often almost directly copied from other sources. It is very easy to tell from this book that the authors really do have extensive experience with crystals
  2. There is so much useful information! The entries on each crystal are not just a few sentences or key words, but there are often 1-2 pages (and this is a textbook-sized book) dedicated to each crystal.
  3. This book contains an extensive index so that it easy to look up something you may be looking for, from astral travel to physical symptoms.
  4. The entries contain information about the spiritual, emotional, and physical helping energies of the crystals.
        What kind of affect do you want the gem water to have? Do you want for it to help you increase your intuition? Do you want to connect with the energy of a certain astrological sign? Do you want help memorizing the content you are studying for exams? Consider which crystals may help you in these areas. Please do not feel like you have to be glued to books or that if the information is not in the book then it isn’t true. If you feel drawn to a particular crystal to help you with something then trust your intuition!

3. Method of use

Some uses are baths, sprays, and taking a few drops at a time like you would with a flower essence. Other uses are:
  • Adding crystal water to baths
  • Spraying crystal water in your living space
  • Taking drops of the crystal water like a flower essence or tincture
  • Adding gem water to foods (morning smoothie + gem water = supercharged morning)


4. Desired Potency

   Do you want something that is really strong and energetically potent? Or did you just want to add a small boost to the water you are using? This is an important question to ask because it could change the amount of effort and steps to making your gem water. Placing an amethyst next to or under your drinking glass for 30 minutes is a great way to make a simple and effective drinking water. However, if you want something super potent you may also want to consider ways to increase the potency.
Ways to increase potency:
  • Astrological correspondences (like making a gem elixir for self-love while the moon is in Libra)
  • Adding other ingredients, such as herbs or more crystals
  • Changing the water type
  • Using a high-grade or even gem quality crystal
  • Leaving the water to be exposed to the crystals for a longer period of time
  • Exposing the water to an appropriate colored light (like using purple light for an amethyst gem elixir)
  • Leaving the gem elixir in moonlight or sunlight (some crystals cannot be left out in the sun, keep this in mind)


Methods for creating gem water:

1. Drinking glass method ( for nontoxic crystals)

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Simply place your crystal(s) in your water glass and leave for at least an hour. You absolutely must not place crystals in the water if it would be unsafe for you to drink. Method 3 is the preferred method.

2. Glass with lid method (for nontoxic crystals)

Find a glass container with a lid (a jar works) and fill it with water and your chosen crystal(s). Leave it overnight, or longer. (Outside during a full moon is appropriate). You absolutely must not place crystals in the water if it would be unsafe for you to drink. Method 3 is the preferred method.

3. Crystal next to or under glass method (safe method)

For toxic crystals, place the crystal either under or next to the water container. Never inside of it.This method mentioned above is the one I recommend everyone use. Keep in mind that crystals can be knocked over or even eaten by small children/pets – please make sure you keep your crystal water in an appropriate place.

Gem water recipes

  • Moonstone, ametrine (or amethyst), and rose quartz for balancing hormones and PMS or PMT
  • Labradorite, rainbow fluorite (in the green, blue, and purple range), and blue calcite for meditation and astral travel
  • Rose quartz, aquamarine for healing acne
  • Smokey quartz, hematite, and black obsidian for grounding
  • Black tourmaline and amethyst for protection
  • Apache tear, lepidolite, and azurite-malachite for emotional balance/healing
Gem water is truly an amazing healing tool but please remember that you can make yourself or others sick by doing things incorrectly. When in doubt, don’t do it! Please thoroughly research what you are doing – not just from “spiritual” or “metaphysical” websites but find out about the literal physical makeup of the minerals so that you know what you are doing is safe. There are, unfortunately, too many resources out there giving out false information about crystals. As I mentioned above, placing your crystal next to your drinking glass is my recommended method – there are also crystal coasters you can purchase.
Please remember not to keep crystals out where children of pets may reach them.None of these statements or products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This products and/or statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.