How to Use Hematite

Overview of the healing properties of hematite:

Hematite is the best grounding crystal

Hematite is here to hold your hand while you face the reality you have been running from for so long. This crystal helps you with coming to terms with what has happened in the past, and releasing any grief you may have. You may also feel like it is hard to let go of what has happened in the past, and feel a burning, seething, resentment and bitterness welled up inside of you because of it. Hematite can also help with fear and escapism. These emotions may lead to inappropriate drug usage- especially when the drugs are used habitually to escape reality or numb feelings. Hematite may be able to help with drug abuse in these cases.

Hematite feels like a comfortable and soothing weight that comes over your head and brings you down when you feel like you are floating up out of control.

Hematite helps us to ground. There is no grounding without facing reality. Reality includes all of you, even the parts of you that you would rather deny. Even parts of you that you are not aware of. So spending time grounding with hematite not only brings you to the here and now but also helps bring other lost parts of yourself to the here and now as well.

This crystal helps where there is too much non-attachment to physical reality. In spiritual communities, non-attachment to worldly affairs is usually seen as a good thing. However there are times when non-attachment goes too far and is unhealthy for the person and everyone involved. Hematite helps you to ‘reattach’ yourself, or learn that to be a healthy and balanced person you must be connected to both your physical self and spiritual self.

Hematite helps calm worry and anxiety

It feels like hematite can helps us dissolve the walls that we build around ourselves because we feel threatened and unsafe due to root imbalances. Hematite helps balance the fight and flight response so that we don’t always feel like we are in danger.

Jumping ahead of yourself and trying too hard to prepare for possible future scenarios can be an indication for hematite. It can help if you are constantly in an anxious state about the future or fantasizing about it. This crystal can also help with those who are being ‘beside’ themselves. This could also work for people who are living mostly outside of their auras/bodies and are withdrawing out of their heads.

Hematite can help with connecting to nature

One thing that I picked up from hematite is that so much of humanities strength has come from the earth and that it is so so important not to forget that. We use metals, clays, plants, crystals, and minerals. We literally need this environment to function. Some of us have become too far removed from nature and from the realization that we are a part of nature. Technology has brought us far and it offers us many conveniences and ways of entertainment, but our true nourishment and life force comes from the earth. One day our technology will be blended with nature but until then it is important to maintain a balance of time spent with nature and time spent with technology.

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.