Honey Calcite


  • Connects you with the energies of the earth
  • Helps you connect with your own body
  • Helps you re-learn how to enjoy physicality and physical sensations
  • Being confident in your physicality
  • Helps creative energies flourish

Finding direction and creativity

Honey calcite can be a great crystal to work with when you are painting or doing creative projects. It helps you access your own creative energies and be inspired.

Honey calcite also helps with developing your gut instinct. Intuition can be such a feeling thing and you can feel everything before it happens. This is not possible when you never pay attention to your own feelings but honey calcite can help you learn to start feeling again.

This crystal helps in dark times in life where you feel like you don’t know which choice to make and what direction to go in. It can help you when you are navigating dangerous and unknown terrain – either literally or figuratively. Honey calcite just gives you the courage when you are in these types of situations that leave you feeling like you are in a dark forest surrounded by monsters who want to eat you and you don’t know how to get home. This crystal reminds you that you do have options and there are things you can do to improve your situation.

Enjoying physicality


A lot of people sometimes say that spirituality is about getting away from the physical world and becoming more aware of things that are not mundane. In other words, this means that a spiritual person should not be concerned about paying bills, being healthy, or what other people think of them. Honey calcite says that an awareness of what is going on in the present moment is also a component of healthy spiritual practice. It is not about ignoring the physical, everyday life, but it is about accepting it as it is right now and moving forward with it. It is not about becoming so magically spiritual that you shed your body and become a light being, but it is about showing your body so much love that you feel like you are in heaven.

Honey calcite teaches that sensual experience is not something to be ashamed of. The desire for sensory experiences is not something we should ashamed of. We are sensory beings living in a sensory world- physical beings living in a physical world. . So why do we deny this and say the material world is not important? Why do we work and toil so hard for material things – a job, a house, only to say pleasant sensory experiences are not what we want? Why would we say that a physical sensory experience that is enlivening to the senses and brings happiness is something that is evil, or too selfish? These kinds of experiences are in fact why we are even here, why we incarnated into physical bodies in the first place. It is true- behind the physical bodies that we have we are actually energetic beings. But to be healthy humans, we have to embrace both!

We sometimes act like we  no longer want to feel the physical world. We strive for the out of body experience, talking to ghosts, talking to guides. But we forget to feel our hands in the icy waters of a river or the ground beneath our feet. Some of us even lose sensation of our own bodies, because of trauma or for other reasons. Honey calcite invites us to start feeling life again. Honey calcite reminds us that we have to pay attention to our physical bodies to stay healthy. A lack of sensation and lack of feeling can lead to illness because you are not even picking up the signals your body is sending you. It is all a forgetting of the self where you think it is more important to get work done than it is to spend five minutes sitting with yourself and paying attention to how you feel.

Physically, honey calcite can help improve the overall health of the digestive system, inflammation in hands that causes pain and loss of mobility, and skin conditions like eczema.


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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.