How Does Crystal Healing Work?


Basics of crystal healing

Crystal healing is the act of working with crystals to achieve a higher state of health and wellness. These crystals can be used in a variety of ways but are most often placed on the body in a healing session or carried around for extended periods of time. Crystal healing works because of energy: the energy of the crystals interacts with the energy of the person body and begins to make shifts within the person’s energetic body.

There are a few terms to describe the way that crystals work: vibration, frequency, piezoelectricity, electromagnetic energy, and negative ions. Lets break down these terms before we get started talking about the energy of crystals:

Piezoelectricity – piezoelectric crystals such as quartz produce an electromagnetic charge (vibrate) when electrified or squeezed repeatedly. It is an energetic charge within the crystal. There are also pyroelectric (generates electrical charge with temperature change) crystals.

Vibration and frequency– the terms vibration and frequency have their own definitions within the field of quantum physics but the way that most people in energy healing fields use these words is usually a little different. People (myself included) sometimes will use the words vibration and frequency interchangeably. Giving the scientific definitions won’t help much with a basic understanding of crystal energy, but I highly encourage you to read up on quantum physics if you want to know more. Instead, you can think of vibration as the way someone’s energy is moving – this special movement of energy is what makes them who they are. You can think of frequency as how fast this person is moving, how fast this person’s energy is oscillating through space and time. When someone says something about raising vibration or frequency, what is meant is an increase in the speed of someone’s movement on an energetic level. Healthy humans will vibrate (move) at a higher frequency (speed) but at a low level when they are unhealthy and out of alignment. Many crystals vibrate at high frequencies and are useful for helping humans to do the same.

Negative ions – Positive ions are unhealthy for the body and are found around EMF pollution (cell phones) for example. Negative ions are healthy for the body and are found in healthy high-vibrational places such as waterfalls or around high-vibrational objects. Negative ions can produce biochemical reactions: they can increase serotonin (a neurotransmitter that helps maintain a healthy mental and emotional state), relieve stress and boost energy. The energy fields of crystals are high in negative ions.

Electromagnetic energy – humans contain electromagnetic energy and crystals do as well. Electromagnetic energy is simply particles of electric or magnetic energy. Light is a form of electromagnetic energy.

It’s all about energy

Everything in this universe is made of energy – rocks, trees, humans. All humans are able to sense this energy in some way when they are connected to their intuition – whether it is clairvoyantly (seeing the energy) or even claircognizantly (knowing the energy). Everything has an energetic field and the energetic field of each object here is interacting with the energetic field of everything else. With crystals, this means that if a crystal is near you it is interacting with your energy field whether you consciously know it or not.

It is important to understand the concept of everything being interconnected energy before working with crystals. Without this understanding, it can be difficult to be an effective healer and connect with either the crystals themselves or what the person needs. We humans can have energetic blockages or anomalies and the energy of a crystal is able to interact with these energies and have an effect on them.

I’m sure you remember a time when someone said something to you and it hurt your feelings so much that you could almost feel a physical pain in your heart because of what the person said. Or a time when someone you disliked walked into a room and you started to feel sick to your stomach. Your physical and nonphysical bodies react to everything in your environment. This means that everything around you, not just people, has an influence on how you feel. Humans have many layers of existence and do not just exist on a physical level – there is a multidimensional energy field in and around each person that is sometimes called an aura.

Crystals have a very stable energy Dyet

Crystals are not like humans. They do not have ups and downs – they emit a constant type of energy. They have a steady vibration so that when you come into contact with a crystal, like rose quartz, you will be feeling the same energy coming form the crystal most of the time. This energy that crystals omit can be referred to as its dominant vibration. The vibrations of the crystals interact with our own vibrations and entrain them to be more in coherence.

Humans tend to go way off track of their intended purpose. We become extremely out of sorts and lost in life. Since crystals are not like this, they have the ability to pull us back into alignment. For example, rose quartz has the ability to attune someone to the energies of love and compassion when they are lacking in that area.

Crystal entrainment

Spending time with a crystal or person that is sending out a lot of high vibrational love energy causes you to change your energy to be lifted up to be more like theirs. If this does not happen then soon you will just not be able to share the same space with the person/crystal. When your body starts taking in the energy of the rose quartz, everything that is not like or opposite to the energy of rose quartz will come out to the surface. This means that if you are subconsciously holding onto guilt and then you begin to work with rose quartz on a regular basis, your guilt will come to the surface for healing. The high amplitude (extent or height of vibration) of the crystal dominates the low amplitude of the guilt you are holding onto.

What determines which crystals do what?

By Arpingstone (Arpingstone) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Each mineral has it’s own energy (vibration). A combination of minerals to make a stone also has it’s own energy. It is like each crystal is a unique flavor of ice cream that is tasteable to those who are sensitive enough and willing to listen.

Color, shape, and size can tell a lot about a crystal. The various geometrical shapes we have here in this reality all have different meanings and ways they transmit energy. Usually larger crystals have larger energy fields and thus can have a larger influence on the human energy field. Each color within this universe also has its own vibration and meaning.

Crystals also contain consciousness and even though it is different from human consciousness, they are still alive. Each type of crystal has its own purpose and benefit just as humans do.

A few ways to work with crystals for energy healing:

  • Crystal grids – geometrically and energetically aligned stones for a specific purpose
  • Gem water
  • Crystal jewelry
  • Crystal body layouts (explained below)
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Dreaming with crystals

If you simply walk around with a crystal in your pocket without any set intention of what you would like to gain from spending time with it, it will still definitely have an effect on your energy field. However, setting an intention with the crystal and then working with it will have a stronger effect.

What is a crystal healing session like?

There are many types of healers and people conduct their crystal healing sessions differently. Some people will look in books and see which part of the body the crystals are supposed to correspond to and place them there. While this can have some benefit, I believe that everyone is different and that each client should be payed attention to as an individual. Before I begin a crystal healing session I evaluate the needs of the client. I do this by of course asking questions and feeling and looking at their energy field.

After assessing the client I will notice patterns, blockages, cords, or tears in the persons energy field. I will do some investigating of why these anomalies are in the persons auric field and then choose a crystal I believe would be helpful for that particular situation. For example, a client may have recently gone through a devastating divorce and is experiencing a loss of hope and believes that human relationships are pointless. I could choose chrysoprase for this client or even apache tear. It is not just about following a book guideline or placing the “right” colored crystal in the “right” place. Following your intuition and investigating the cause of illness is very important with crystal healing.

Where I place the crystals depends on where the energetic imbalance is. I usually place crystals no further than 1 foot away from the client. A crystal healing session could last from 10 minutes to 2 hours – it all depends on the needs of the client and the time available.

So in short:

  • Everything is made of energy – including humans
  • Crystal energy can affect human energy in a positive manner
  • Crystals have a dominant energy pattern or vibration that does not change easily

This is my way of explaining the basics of crystal healing. In the future, I plan on having a very detailed course for people who would like to become crystal healers. Until then, I do have a course that teaches you to connect with crystals.

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