The Healing Properties of Iolite

Overview of the uses of iolite:

  • Intuition and logic
  • A deep, spiritual connection with nature
  • Learning how to simply be instead of rushing to find things to do
  • Spiritual power
  • Questioning your intentions to get to the heart of what you truly want

Iolite teaches the spiritual power of simply being

Iolite carries the same type of energy of the color dark blue. This means iolite can help bring clarity, focus, calm, order, logic, and a strong sense of purpose. Iolite connects you with your intuition so that you can clearly see which choices are the best for you to make and know without any doubts which path you are destined to follow. Iolite teaches that instead of working hard to get rid of confusion and obstacles obscuring your clarity, you can use the power of your internal guidance system to shine a light through the fog of confusion.

Iolite teaches you that you are a strong person full of spiritual power and that there is no need to search externally for other types of power to help you. This crystal really wants you to feel confident in your spiritual power so that you can live and speak your personal truth with bravery and fortitude. This is a great stone to work with if you are going through any type of spiritual or religious initiation or if you are going to perform a type or ritual or rite of passage.

Iolite teaches the power of the present moment

Perhaps the largest lesson that iolite teaches is that power of being right here and right now. Iolite teaches you how to shift your focus so that there is no yesterday and no tomorrow – just you and the crystal right here and now. It teaches you the blessings of being centered and grounded and feeling what it is like to truly live. This crystal gives you a taste of what it is like to be without ego and truly love so much that you can merge your energy with another being. Iolite basically teaches you how to simply exist as you are no matter what and enjoy what it’s like to live as you are. Being with iolite is like having all of the scattered pieces of your soul over time and space being returned back to you in the now.

Iolite helps you to be honest about your intentions. Even if you are doing a “good thing” why are you doing the good thing? To improve your confidence because you have low self worth? Iolite initiates a process within you that causes to question your own motives and get to the true reasons of why you do what you do, and why you are who you are. Iolite asks you to stop trying to use things to accomplish other things, just so you can get more things and continue the cycle. Just BE with what is around you.

Iolite helps with spiritual connection

Iolite can help cultivate a spiritual connection with nature within you. It can help you learn to connect with the energy of nature and objects around you, instead of focusing so much on the physical manifestation of the thing. For example, it may help you to forget about the tree in front of you and just connect with the energy of the tree. Iolite teaches that things do not exist only for humans but things exist for themselves whether humans exist or not. We have a tendency to only call things useful if we can find some material gain because of them – particularly things within nature. Things that are not seen as useful are often destroyed, abused, or simply not taken care of. This crystal reminds us that nature does not exist simply so that we can dominate it and find ways to use it.

Iolite is associated with the moon, liquids and water and especially the ocean. Physically, iolite can work with the lymphatic system and any problems with fluids in the body, and also the veins.

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.