The Healing Properties of Lepidolite

Overview of the spiritual properties and meaning of lepidolite:

  • Associated with the water element
  • Releasing worry and stress
  • Balancing emotional extremes
  • Connecting to guides
  • Letting go of past wounds
  • Becoming more lighthearted
  • Insomnia

Lepidolite is one of my favorite crystals for those moments when you just need to let go. A lot of us have unconscious beliefs that worrying about something will actually help us prepare for it and so we keep worrying. This crystal can help bring these unconscious patterns to the surface so that they can be transformed by awareness. Lepidolite helps us to stop trying to carry the weight of the world in our hearts and pile too many things on our to-do lists. Working with this crystal can help us to learn that living stress-free is so much better than living a life full of worry.

In addition to holding onto worry and stress, we often hold onto our emotional wounds. Sometimes we are hurt so deeply, and for so long, that we forget who we are without that pain. That pain becomes such a big part of us that we actually don’t want it to leave because we are afraid of what life would be like without the pain. Lepidolite reminds us that we are powerful creators and not powerless victims that have to live in the past. The energy of this crystal helps us to feel courageous enough to face our shadows, heal and integrate them, and stop thinking that they are a part of who we really are.

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.