What is Malachite Good for?

Overview of the healing properties of malachite:

  • Helps to promote emotional clarity
  • Helps you face the emotions you are running from, and consequently the situations causing those emotions
  • Helps with open communication
  • Speeds up and helps to resolve the process of emotional healing and expression of emotion
  • Helps you live from the Heart and communicate with your Heart

Malachite helps if you have a habit of avoiding emotional healing

Malachite can be a calming crystal that helps to promote love and general wellbeing, but in many ways, it is a crystal of shadow work (but then again, I am always speaking of shadow work). Malachite really helps when you are stuck in a pattern of using distraction after distraction to stop yourself from feeling. Emotion has become scary to you at this point – either because you don’t know how to process emotions, because there is too much going on and you feel too stressed to take the time to evaluate how you feel, or even if you feel that if you pay attention to your emotions you won’t be able to handle them because there are too many negative emotions to process. Malachite notices that you are running away from your emotions and asks you to ponder why that is, while also helping you sink into the feeling of actually being with yourself right here and right now, no distractions.

Malachite facilitates clear communication in relationships

This stone can be an important helper in relationships. It feels like malachite promotes authenticity, open communication, and commitment in relationships. If you are avoidant of your own emotions on a regular basis like mentioned above, then of course a relationship is going to be difficult. In a relationship there are your emotions, your partners emotions, and the collective emotional energy of the group.

Malachite can help with navigating the different emotional energies in each person and part of the relationship. Malachite helps when you have a problem with trying to escape relationships before the experience of feeling hits you. When you have a lack of commitment not just to the relationship but to yourself because of your fear of feeling. It does help you to relax if you are feeling entangled from the cords of a relationship and feeling like you are too intertwined. It helps so that you can feel like you can breathe again so that you are not feeling you are being suffocated by the relationship.

Malachite helps with expression of emotion

Malachite helps with opening the floodgates of emotion. Maybe you have been chipping away at a particular emotional issue bit by bit and need a larger push or revelation. Or maybe your emotions have been slowly dripping from your subconscious mind and into your conscious awareness and you need a larger epiphany of awareness. Malachite facilitates a big boom of finally letting it out in a controlled way with clarity. It is the type of emotional release that encourages clarity and not confusion.

Malachite can help you get to know yourself

Malachite is like a stethoscope checking the Heart for irregularities. It encourages you to begin the process or continue the process of living authentically from the Heart space. How do you live from your Heart space? You have to take the time to get to know your Heart. Really sink deep into your Heart and understand how it feels in a practical and grounded way. In spiritual and New Age communities, many people speak of the Heart and living from your Heart, but there is not much structure or detail added to that advice. Malachite will help you to realize in a literal way what it is that your Heart needs.

This stone also helps promote connection and ability to openly communicate. It assists with cooling down from anger and with the emotions of bitterness and resentment.

This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.

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