Orange Calcite


  • Reviving creativity
  • Recovering from abuse, especially sexual abuse
  • Learning or relearning to experience pleasure and desire
  • Motivation and help with weight loss
  • Discovering or rediscovering a sense of self
  • Associated with the water and fire element

A wonderful stone to work with when you feel like you have been blocked creatively, or if you feel that you used to be a creative and passionate person but that you have lost that side of yourself. Orange calcite can help teach you that you will always be and have always been a creator, and all that you need to do to be creative again is to connect with yourself. This crystal helps you to ‘clear up’ so that you are able to connect with yourself and access your creativity.

Orange calcite can not only help you find your creative spark, but it can help you find motivation and experience passion. It can help you reevaluate your goals and game plan to find new and better ways of accomplishing your goals, or finding out why what you are doing hasn’t been working.

This crystal can be a wonderful companion if you in a period of your life and you are discovering your sexuality. Orange calcite can help you learn that there is no shame in sexuality no matter what your sexual orientation is and that your needs and wants are important.

Physically, orange calcite can help balance hormones and heal the endocrine system, clear edema, restart the digestive system, clear the skin, and fire up metabolism. This crystal can help with a lot of reproductive issues, and also help with women’s issues such as PMS.


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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.