Properties of Peach Moonstone

Though this is about peach moonstone, a lot of this information is similar for many other types of moonstone.

Overview of how to use peach moonstone:

  • Associated with darkness, psychic ability, intuition, and mystery
  • Promotes peace and serenity
  • Building strong foundations
  • Learning whichever lesson you need to learn now
  • Healing the reproductive and endocrine system
  • Self-nourishment and self-soothing
  • Dealing with negative feelings/thoughts
  • Knowing what is good for you and establishing healthy boundaries

Peach moonstone helps you balance light and dark

Moonstone teaches about the balance between light and dark, a lot of this has to do with its connection to the moon. Moonstone will help to alleviate fears about darkness, not really physical darkness but the darkness within the self. Moonstone helps you to have the bravery to face yourself and turn inwards toward anything inside of you such as a negative thought that is causing darkness and discomfort in your life. This crystal helps when your negative patterns are playing over and over like a broken record. Moonstone is a catalyst to help you access the self within the self and get in touch with the observer state of mind and learn to respond not react.

Peach Moonstone can help you establish a good foundation in life

Moonstone asks “Where is your foundation?” and  “What holds you steady when you are being pulled back and forth in life and by the thoughts in your own mind?” Events in your life will pull you back and forth and away from your comfort zone the same way the moon pulls the tides, so you need to have a strong spiritual foundation and be sure of yourself so that you do not get pulled off center. Moonstone causes you to think about where your priorities are and  whether you have a stable and healthy foundation for yourself here on earth.

Having healthy boundaries and nourishing the body is a benefit of working with peach moonstone

Peach moonstone teaches you to ask your body what you can do to help it flourish and bloom. It teaches you that your body is like a flower that needs sunlight, water, and soil. It helps you to determine what is good for you and what will help you grow. Moonstone says there is a connection between the body and the mind that is severed when you ignore it for long enough. You can reestablish this connection by making healthy decisions mentally and physically in the name of self-love  It can also help with determining food sensitivities.

Moonstone is very much like a mother – it gives off calming and nourishing energy that validates your fears and emotions but also pushes you to become better, like a bird pushing a baby bird out of the nest. It reassures you that there is plenty of energy and love in the universe so you should take as much as you need. It teaches you to have good boundaries and say no when you need to. Peach moonstone is a very calming crystal that promotes peace and simplicity. It is very nice to have around where there is emotional turbulence. It would be a nice gift to someone who often experiences anxiety or restlessness.

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.