Auras 101

An aura is the energy field that surrounds an object. Everything here is made of energy, and this energy is not just present within an object or living being, but all around it. Most often when someone is referring to auras, they are referring to human ones. The human aura is basically like an upside egg shape with the larger part of the egg above the head and smaller part towards the feet. The way an aura looks changes depending on which layer you are perceiving.

Your aura reflects your inner state and also shows what is going on around you. For example, you can see or sense unborn babies, deceased relatives, developing illnesses, emotional states, and belief patterns all in someone’s auric field.

Auras can be sensed in many ways, most often visually, physically, emotionally, or auditorily. You do not need to be clairvoyant in order to do work with your own or someone else’s aura, you just need to develop your own way of sensing energy.

The aura exists on all dimensions, and you will sense something different about the person on each layer of the aura. I won’t get into all of them here, but here are the first three and what they correspond with.

Layers of the Aura

1.) The Physical/Etheric Layer – This layer appears as an outline of the human body extending 1-2 inches from the physical body. This layer is basically the blueprint for the person it is around.

2.) The Emotional Layer – This layer is associated with the emotions. Here you can see and perceive how someone is feeling.

3.) The Mental Layer – Thought forms and belief patterns exist on this layer. This layer is associated with mental activity and the intellect.

Having a dirty aura is a bit like swimming in a dirty fish tank. By dirty aura I mean having things in your energy field that you would rather not have because they are not pleasant to experience. The “dirt” in your aura can be accumulated when you are around negative people, if you are in spaces that are energetically unclean or high in positive ions, or even if you have just been very stressed. When your energy field or aura is full of this stagnant and unhealthy energy you can feel spaced out, afraid, confused, sick, depressed, or weighed down.

Within your aura you have various points of energy or energy centers. The energy centers take in, distribute, transmute, and use energy – sort of like the way your digestive system takes in food but turns it into fuel you can use.

Ways to clear your aura

  • Visualize a light column coming in through your crown, straight down through your root, and down into the earth. Feel the light fill your whole body.
  • Ask for help with clearing your aura from your guides or angels.
  • Cleaning your physical living space is a great way to keep stagnant energy from piling up.
  • Work with crystals – selenite, proustite, black tourmaline, or clear quartz are a few that could help
  • Stop ignoring whats bugging you- all of the things that are bothering you stay with you and bring you down vibrationally. Take time to deal with past wounds instead of ignoring them.
  • Sound therapy and music- tuning forks and bells are great
  • Color therapy

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