Energy Healing 101

It is not necessary to sense energy in any way in order to do energy healing. However, it can be easier to focus and let go of self-doubt if you are sensing the energy while you are doing energy healing. If you would like to learn more about sensing energy, you can read my posts Getting Familiar with Your Own Aura and How to Feel Energy. If you do decide to do energy sensing exercises then I recommend doing them in step 3 below.

This is just a guide to a very general type of energy healing. Some modalities require special attunements and training which can be very beneficial, but everything is made of energy and you are already affecting energy whether you are conscious of it or not, and so with a little practice and focus you can begin to affect the energy in a more beneficial way. There are some questions you may have such as “should I energy heal with my hands on or off of the body?” and “is there a certain direction my hands should be moving?” Let your intuition guide you and do what feels best for the healing session.

Let’s get started! Energy healing is a very fluid and intuitive process, but I put together these 8 steps to help you get an idea of how it generally works for me:

  1. Grounding and centering
  1. Assess yourself: Are you in the proper mindset to do energy healing?
  1. Pull energy and prepare your trash can
  1. Assess your client
  1. Determine what kind of energy will benefit the illness the most
  1. Energy healing
  1. Closing off & ending the session
  1. Separating, grounding, and cleansing

1. Grounding and Centering

I personally never attempt energy healing when I am in a very bad mood or just feeling “off”. It is also very unhealthy to attempt energy healing without grounding yourself and placing your attention on the present moment.

Sit or stand barefoot (standing outside is better) and imagine tree roots growing out of your feet and down into the earth. Then see the roots also grow from your hands. See these roots firmly grasp the earth until you feel rooted and stable. You can also place magnetic lodestones on your feet to help this process. Pay attention to how it feels to be in your body and notice any emotions you are experiencing. You can learn more about grounding here.

2. Assess yourself: Are you in the proper mindset to do energy healing?

If you are not in the proper mindset, there will most likely be bad results. I usually have a very hard time even seeing energy fields when I am in a low vibration, let alone trying to beneficially change them.

If you are not in a good vibration and you still want to do energy healing, perhaps you could try meditation, relaxing music, or even watching a funny video so that you can relax and let go. However, sometimes you will just have days where you feel like you can’t work with anyone and that is okay. It is not a good idea to try to force yourself to feel like healing when you don’t.

3. Pull energy and prepare your energetic trash can

Pulling energy is gathering energy that you can use for healing. If you use only your own energy you will burn out. Pulling energy is like turning yourself into an energy conduit so that you are just transmitting the type of energy you decide to connect to. There are many different ways of pulling energy such as connecting to energy from the earth, working with universal energy, or just working with energy you get from all life around you. I usually gather a bit of earth energy in step one, and in this step I work with divine Source energy.

There are many ways to to this. You can imagine Source energy as a light entering through the top of your head or the bottom of your feet. You can also imagine it as a light that comes and stays next to you so that you can gather more of this energy any time you need it. Doing this exercise will most likely increase your sensitivity to energy and prepare you for energy work. Imagine the light of Source energy filling your whole body, especially your hands. Know that energy is limitless and healing.

You also want to make sure you have an “energy trash can”. This is because when you work with clients, you may begin to pick up on some of their stuff (depending on how your boundaries are). You definitely don’t want to keep anything that isn’t yours! The job of an energy trash can is to transmute the unwanted energy into neutral energy so that it is not harming anyone or sticking around.

The energy trash can could be a literal trash can with crystals or saltwater in it to help transmute the energy, it can be a ball of violet flame energy that burns up old energies and transforms them, or it can be a vortex in the floor or ceiling that carries old energies to the earth/Source to be transmuted. You may also want to have an open window and an energetic hand cleaner, such as sea salt spray. It is good to energetically cleanse your hands with water before, during, and after the session.

4. Assess your client

Now that you have taken care of yourself and you are ready to go, its time to turn your attention to your client. Sometimes you will work with someone who has a specific problem like a broken arm, and so you already know what you will be spending most of your time working on. Other times, people will just come to you saying they don’t feel very well in general but don’t know why. Either way, you will want to first make sure that the person does not have a serious medical problem and that they don’t need to see a doctor, or if they are already seeing a doctor, make sure the treatments you are using will not be of detriment to what the clients doctor is doing to help.

If everything is okay to go, scan the body of the person. Body scanning will vary person to person, because everyone has different psychic gifts. One person may be extremely clairvoyant and see everything in someones energy field, and another person may just intuitively know what is going on with a person. Use your personal talents to determine what is going on with this person.

If you are not sure, hover your hands over the person and move downwards from head to toe, making note of any places that feel strange or out of sync with the rest of the body. You may want to keep a notepad close by and develop a way of taking notes that you can quickly write and understand, such as a dark circle if you feel hollow energy somewhere or an “X” where you feel a blockage.

5. Determine what kind of energy will benefit the person the most

Look at the notes you took about this persons body and what was going on. Did you notice a lot of blockage? A lot of anger? A lot of inflammation? This will determine what kind of energy you will use. If the person has a lot of blockage in an area, you can move your hands to that area and move them in a circular motion while visualizing breaking up the blockage. You can also project light energy from your hands while you are doing this.

Some energy healers will work with tools to do energy work, such as visualizing using a hammer to break up blockages or a spray bottle of healing water to help inflammation. Experiment and find out what works for you, some techniques will feel strange to you and some will help you stay focused and get good results. In general, gold, violet, white, blue, green,  and platinum/silver are all good colors to work with for energy healing, so if you ever doubt what to do, you could always project one of these colored energies from your hands.

6. Energy Healing

For this example, you have someone who has been feeling a little confused about their life purpose and also has been having some trouble with their digestion. Where do you begin? Where you begin with energy healing is up to you, I suggest that you let yourself be intuitively guided to what needs to be worked on.

There are many ways to approach this. You could say that the confusion about life purpose is connected to the throat energy center, and so you use your energy to remove blockage there and project blue energy into that spot. Doing so would also make the person more vocal and less confused about what it is that they want. You could then move over to the solar plexus and do some healing thereby projecting yellow energy out of your hands and into this area.

Maybe to help with the digestion, you move your hands in a gliding/sweeping motion over the abdomen and sweep stale energy out of the abdomen and into your energetic trash can. When you feel you have removed the stale energy from the abdomen, you can project healing energy into this area to stimulate digestion.

You could then finish by doing a general energetic alignment of the whole body by forming a shield of light around the client’s energy field. I plan on writing another article to discuss specific energy healing techniques such as visualizing tools and projecting colored energy, but until then – experiment! If you are wondering how much time to spend in each spot and you don’t yet trust your intuition completely, start with 5 minutes.

7. Closing off & ending the session

You want to help the person ground and come back to the present moment. You can do this by giving them a grounding crystal such as obsidian or hematite giving them something to eat, or helping them walk outside for a while. Some people may feel very sleepy, dizzy, or spaced out after energy healing. If this is the case, do not let them drive and continue to help them ground themselves.

8. Separating, grounding, and cleansing

Make sure you energetically cleanse the room and get rid of your energetic trash can if appropriate. When you are finished doing energy healing for your client, you want to make sure you “turn off” your energy by running your hands in cold water, burying them in earth, or something similar. Ground yourself again in the way that you did in step 1 and make sure you are not carrying around any of your clients baggage. It is not your job to think and worry about your client 24/7 so make sure you let everything go and return to your own life.

I hope that this has given you a basic idea of how to do an energy healing session. Remember that anyone can do energy healing because we are all made of energy. If you are interested in learning more about energy healing, I do have a one-on-one mentoring program that can help you develop your skills. Have fun and good luck!

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