How to Feel Energy

Practicing these exercises will enhance your ability to sense energy, whether it is a physical sensing, hearing, or seeing. Keep in mind that some people can learn to do this in a second and for others it might take weeks or months. The important thing to remember is that everything is energy! Learning to feel energy can be a useful skill for psychics and energy healers, or even the average person who just wants to experience what it is like. If you are unsure about your primary ways of sensing energy you may want to read about clair abilities.

1. Meditate for a few seconds or minutes until you feel centered and ready to begin.
2. Depending on how in depth you would like to get, you might want to run energy at this point. One way is to imagine earth energy moving through your body in spirals and into your hands. Another way is to imagine energy from the earth and sky spiraling into your body, to the solar plexus, and then to your hands.

3. Prepare your hands by rubbing your hands together and opening and closing them a few times very quickly. You can then move your hands away from each other as far as possible (like you are making a T shape with your body).
Start moving your hands closer and closer together while imagining that you are gathering all of your energy into a little ball. Focus on your senses: do you see, feel, hear, smell, or sense anything different? If you like, you can imagine this ball of energy to be a specific color, doing so will help you become better at visualization.

4. Now that you have your energy ball, try moving it back and forth between your hands. Remember that It is okay if you don’t feel anything at this point, you are still opening up your hand energy centers.

5. After you finish moving your energy ball around you can absorb it back into your solar plexus, or another body part if you used a specific color. You can stop here and be finished or move on to working with a clear quartz point.

6. Take a clear quartz point and point the termination down towards your upper-middle palm closer to your middle finger.

7. Move the quartz point in clockwise circles for as long as it feels right to do so and repeat this for the opposite hand. You can also move the quartz point up and down your fingers.

8. You can also do step 7 for your feet as well to enhance the flow of energy through them.

9. After you have done these exercises for a few weeks and you want to try something else, you can try moving energy back and forth from different body parts and not just your hands.

10. Ground and come back into the room. If you feel spacey, try holding obsidian, hematite, smoky quartz, or walking outside.

Here are some things you can do after you become comfortable with feeling energy and some of the benefits:

1. Feeling the size of people’s auras with your hands.
2. Energy healing (though it is not necessary to feel energy to do energy healing.)
3. Feeling the life force energy of a plant or animal and being able to tell if it is weak.
4. Tuning into the energy of crystals more quickly.
5. Increased intuitive abilities.

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