What are the Healing Properties of Proustite?

Overview of how to use proustite for crystal healing:

  • Doing shadow work, making the subconscious conscious
  • Viral infections, fungus, parasites
  • Clearing negative attachments that are etheric, physical, or emotional

Proustite is used in grounding and shadow work

Proustite is an amazing crystal for the lower energy centres. It helps us to go deep into our shadows and face things that we have forgotten about, ignored on purpose, or turned away from because they are just too hard to bear. From my personal experience in working with this crystal, it seems like there is no hiding anything, and even the darkest and most hidden parts of yourself will have to come to the surface. This might sound unpleasant, and it is, but it is necessary to heal these parts of ourselves in order to grow spiritually. Also, unresolved emotion will eventually manifest itself into physical disease.

It is very beneficial to have proustite around while doing shadow work. It will aid you in figuring out the real reason why something is bothering you and why certain things make you angry. Proustite brings you face to face with your fears and insecurities. Its energy pushes you to do something about the things that have been holding you back. All of your excuses disappear and are no longer valid because you finally realize that the only barriers between you and what you want are the ones that you erect yourself.

Proustite is a very grounding stone, since it deals with the root, sacral, and earthstar energy centres. It can assist you in connecting with your own physical body or in connecting to the earth.

Proustite can help with trauma

    This crystal is really great to work with if you have suffered any kind of trauma or abuse, especially physically, because it helps you to work through your negative emotions and heal so that you can once again love living a physical life in your physical body. All to often we carry around shame and guilt and never get past it. Proustite will show you your negative core beliefs like “I am guilty and I don’t deserve to live” and encourage you to examine those beliefs and see if they are really true.

Proustite is a nice crystal to work with if you have been in a vibrational state of victimhood, powerlessness, and guilt for a very long time and have attracted all kinds of situations and people that “prey” on you. This includes needy friends, etheric attachments, parasites and bacteria, and relationships that drain you. Proustite also helps cleanse the physical body and the blood.

Proustite is like the more intense, dark, shadow work-y version of rose quartz. Though rose quartz does help heal trauma it is in a much more gentle way. Rose quartz gives a gentle nudge to remind you of the trauma you have and helps you to send some love and compassion in the direction of your trauma.

Proustite, however, grabs your consciousness and pulls it down into the depth of your trauma where everything around you is dark and the light of love is nowhere in sight – but it is still a healing experience. Proustite is for people who have been through so much stuff that they need a giant internal wake-up call. It is for people who are tired of running from the dark parts of themselves and just want to see all of the negative things and just get it over with. Choosing to work with this crystal is like choosing to stop running from a tornado that you know is going to overtake you one day, and the tornado is the unhealed parts of your own soul.

Rose quartz is like the element of water washing trauma from you like gentle waves on the shore and proustite is like a heavy wind that tears away any facades or self-deception about what is really going on in your inner world.

In this post you learned this about proustite:

  • The best crystal for trauma
  • The best crystal for shadow work
  • The best crystal for soul retrieval
  • The healing properties of proustite
  • How to use proustite for crystal healing

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