What is Pyrite Used for in Crystal Healing

Overview of the uses of pyrite

  • Power
  • Manifestation
  • Strength
  • Intense willpower
  • Stability
  • Faith
  • Feeling secure inside your own skin

Pyrite is good for personal power and change

Pyrite connects you to the place within yourself that holds infinite power. Many of us feel very powerless to the world around us and even to ourselves. We feel we can’t make more money, we can’t do things that make us happy, or we can’t become the people we want to be. This crystal reverses that type of thought pattern so that we can remember that we are not powerless. Pyrite helps us feel that we have a well of energy and power within that we can draw on. It feels like pyrite helps us connect to the “I am” state of being.

Not only does pyrite help us reverse our negative beliefs about power but it shows us how we can actually go about changing the things that we don’t like. We also begin to feel stronger and immovable and feel an increase in willpower.

Pyrite is an excellent crystal to work with if you are trying to manifest something. This could be more money, a relationship with a special someone, or a new house. This crystal will also help you with physically creating things like art.

Pyrite can help with feeling safe and healthy in the physical body

The energy of pyrite reminds us that it really is possible to feel safe inside of our bodies. Many of us can hate being here and dislike being stuck inside of our own skin and so we escape into the astral realm or just ignore our feelings and physical life. With pyrite, we can begin to feel strong while we are in our bodies, and not like we have no control over what goes on here. When our belief patterns begin to shift we might think, “finally, I am safe within myself.” I feel like this is a bigger problem for people who are more sensitive and intuitive and people who just aren’t that “physical”. Pyrite can help these people feel just as strong in their mundane physical lives as they do when they are just operating in their upper energy centres.

I feel that pyrite would be an excellent crystal to work with if you are interested in fitness, weight loss, motivation, body building, and exercise. Another crystal to use along with pyrite for these purposes could be black onyx.

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.