How to Use Red Jasper

Overview of healing properties of red jasper:

  • Lining up your actions with your objectives
  • Connecting with the earth
  • Self-discipline
  • Moving through obstacles

Red jasper helps with connecting your goals to your actions

Red jasper is typically associated with the lower three energy centers, but I got that this red jasper has an affinity for the heart, throat, and third eye. This is probably because it stimulates passion and connects you to your purpose (heart), helps you be confident and speak your truth (throat), and see your souls purpose (third eye).

This crystal points you in the direction of what you should be doing and makes a red flag go off when your actions are not in line with what you say you want to do. Red jasper likes to work with people who are goal oriented and driven, not people who procrastinate too much. Basically, red jasper does not want to work with people who do things like say they want to become runners but put off running for petty reasons. This crystal causes you to ask the hard questions- why are you really procrastinating? Why the self sabotage? After digging deep and resolving the mental and emotional issues causing you to sabotage yourself, red jasper can help you become that goal oriented and driven person.

Red jasper can flow through you like water to purge you of your ‘inner enemy’. The inner enemy being the uncontrolled ego – your thoughts about yourself and others, your beliefs about your personality, and your beliefs about the world that are not in alignment with who you really are. Untrue thoughts about yourself are a form of self-harm. The ‘inner enemy’ can tell you that you are worthless, that people only like you because you have money, or that you will never be successful. These beliefs keep you away from who you really are. So red jasper helps you to separate yourself from this ‘inner enemy’ and proudly declare “These negative thoughts are not who I am, I choose my own destiny”.

Red jasper can be used to help persevere with obstacles

Red jasper is like a fiery dragon that can come to save you out of your own hell, but it only helps you if you are willing to help yourself. This is another question that red jasper can cause you to ask, “Am I helping myself as much as I can?”

Red jasper can make you feel like you are able to cut through obstacles with your bare hands. Like even if it’s you by yourself cornered by multiple enemies, you can do it. It’s all about working, working, and working some more. It’s about getting back up every time you fall down, by doing so you will learn how strong you are and nothing will ever be able to stop you.

Red jasper is used for grounding and connecting to the earth

Red jasper reminds you that we all come from rocks, from minerals.
Deep within the rocks lies the knowledge of the earth, of your ancestors – this primal knowledge is necessary for you to evolve. You must connect to the rocks to connect yourself. This crystal helps you to see and feel this connection between you and the earth.

Red jasper helps you experience passionate emotion

Red jasper opens you up to absorb the red ray of light. The energy of this crystal can rekindle the fire of passion, purpose, and desire within your heart. Red jasper also facilitates a reconnection with your souls purpose.

This crystal helps you to enjoy passionate emotions without losing yourself or losing control. Many people can fear their emotions or start to feel anxiety about their excitement because it feels overwhelming or out of control. But red jasper can teach you to experience intense emotions without becoming buried in them.

How red jasper can help heal physically:

  • Phlegm (TCM) deposited in joints, weak cartilage, pain in the joints/cartilage
  • Martial arts, strength training, pushing your body hard (but not too far)
  • Iron deficiency and mineral absorption
  • Increases hemoglobin production

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.