The Meaning of Rose Quartz

Overview of how to use rose quartz:

  • Helps you learn how to lower your barriers so that you can be open to receive love
  • Restores your trust in people
  • Gently brings up old emotional issues that are keeping you stuck in the past
  • Helps to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere
  • Helps you improve your relationships with other people
  • Helps build self-confidence

Overview of how rose quartz can help with healing:

  • Burns and cuts
  • Skin issues, acne, eczema, varicose veins, wrinkles
  • Helps you to have a clear complexion and youthful appearance
  • Menstrual issues and imbalances
  • General aches and pains

Rose quartz teaches you how to love yourself and how to love others. When you learn how to love yourself all of your relationships improve, which is why self love is so important! A lot of us don’t love ourselves and then don’t know how to love others, but rose quartz can help with that.

This crystal gently brings childhood traumas and negative things that happened to you that you were not able to process completely to the surface so that you can deal with them. Perfect for people who feel triggered by a lot of things and feel like they are a sack full of emotional wounds. Rose quartz helps you to let go of the past and release guilt.

Rose quartz promotes a calm and loving environment that encourages you to release stress. This is a good crystal to have around during or after a anxiety attack caused by built up negative emotions and stress.

One thing that I have learned from rose quartz is that the crystal is a huge helper when it comes to building self-confidence. The crystal truly teaches you to hold your head up high – not in an egotistical or haughty way – but the crystal wants you to know your worth. It teaches that though there are things and other people and beings to respect both in and outside of this world, nothing is better than you. Or rather, you do not deserve less respect or love than anything else in this reality.

Rose quartz for love

  Rose quartz is known as the stone of love but what does that really mean? Does it increase love in one’s life? Does it make you more lovable? What is love anyway?

      In my experience with rose quartz I have learned that the crystal teaches that love is really vulnerability. Vulnerability equals love. When I met with the spirit of rose quartz on one occasion, the spirit of the crystal was teaching me that every person has flaws but love sees them. Love sees everything, and love is everything. Love knows everything, but love loves everything. It is a hard concept to understand, in a society devoid of love. 

    At first, I was questioning the crystal – if everyone has all of these flaws, how can you even love someone? The crystal was pointing out many of my own flaws, bringing everything to the surface. I could not love someone else with all of my flaws, there are just too many. In addition, as an intuitive-sensitive, I know that humanity as a whole is going to be living in a much more transparent society soon. No more secrets.. so much vulnerability. All flaws out in the open. How do you love with so many flaws, so many problems?

   The crystal told me that if I thought that flaws have anything to do with love that I didn’t know what love was. And at that moment, I realized I really didn’t know what love was. The spirit taught me that there is a difference between loving someone and liking them or desiring them. There is a difference between loving someone and choosing to just overlook a few things you don’t like about them because they make you feel happy. Love transcends all of these things.

   This is such a gentle crystal but it is amazingly transformative and powerful. This crystal has changed my life on more than one occasion and it is such a helpful ally to have in times when love seems like a hard thing to understand, obtain, and achieve.

Receiving love and loving others is not a matter of reducing the perceived flaws one has. In essence… rose quartz wants you to know – without your imperfections and flaws there would be no love

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This is for educational purposes only and it is not meant to replace the care or advice of a medical professional in any way.