How to Use Smoky Quartz

Overview – the healing properties of smoky quartz:

  • Grounding
  • Feeling like we really belong in our physical bodies
  • Manifestation
  • Protection and removal of negative energy
  • Letting go of the past and moving on
  • Helps us to come back to earth if we are “lost in space”
  • Overspending
  • Associated with the earth element

A lot of the time people in new age communities like to focus on getting the third eye open without really paying attention to what might be going on in the other energy centers. We think that we don’t need to be grounded anymore and instead, we would like to become more spiritual and develop our natural psychic abilities. As someone who has had her third eye open, I can tell you that it is really difficult being clairvoyant, clairaudient, or having any other ability that comes along with working with the third eye if the root is still having issues.

The best crystal for the root energy center – smoky quartz

Without a healthy and strong root and connection to our physical selves we can often lose our connection to reality and become “lost in space”. It is very important that we don’t use our access to other realms to escape from what is going on around us. When we use smoky quartz and strengthen the root energy center, it becomes possible for us to anchor down the information and experiences that we have that are higher in vibration into the physical realm.

It is really important for us to feel secure and fearless in the physical realm before we try working with the higher energy centers like the third eye a lot (unless of course you were already born with these abilities). If we do not feel secure and powerful then we will most likely attract negative entities or not be able to properly process what we are experiencing. Smoky quartz can help us to take back our power so that we can take better control of our lives.

The best crystal for grounding – smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is perfect for those of us who are extremely spacey or generally have a really hard time doing things that are physical because we resent being in the physical body. When we feel unsafe on this planet, we think that we will never be able to enjoy life, and we want to commit suicide to get away, smoky quartz is one of the best crystals to work with.

Smokey quartz is here to help us learn how to enjoy being in the physical body. For some of us, even thinking about trying to enjoy being alive can seem impossible. This crystal can help us to release emotional traumas that are keeping us in fear of being in the physical and give us a reason to be proud of being a physical human. After we release these things we can focus on ways to enjoy the physical realm.

I hope you learned about how to use smokey quartz (or smoky quartz) for crystal healing. The healing properties of smokey quartz are really amazing!

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