The Healing Properties of Sunstone

How to use sunstone for healing:

  • Personal growth on many levels
  • Assists with overcoming fears of accomplishing tasks or skills
  • Helps you to form and break habits
  • Concentration and focus
  • Assists with learning new skills so fluently that they are second nature
  • Moving confidently in your body

Sunstone helps with the manifestation of rapid personal growth

If I could describe this crystal with one word it would be self-mastery. It can help to trigger rapid growth as if you are being shot from a cannonball straight towards where you need to be. This crystal can help you thrive where you are and really take root. This is not like rapid growth that is unstable because of how fast things are happening but sunstones energy actually helps you to build a strong foundation at the same time as this rapid growth. Because of this it still may feel a little unstable or as if things are happening so quickly that it is surprising but you will have a good foundation.

This crystal is associated with abundance and manifestation but not manifestation or abundance in a material or monetary sense but rapid growth which may lead to the other types of abundance in the long run. For example, if you are a writer who meditates with sunstone you may develop your skills as a writer which may increase your manifestation of money in the long run.

This crystal is a great helper for people who know what they want and are sure they want to go for it. It is not the best for people who are not that sure. This crystal has the energy of driving on a long road for but staying focused despite the fact that there may be obstacles and distractions. This aspect of sunstone reminds me of The Magician tarot card.

Sunstone helps skill enhancement and formation or breakage of habits

The brain and memory is something that can be worked with and changed over time – this is known as brain plasticity. If you do or study something enough times (this number is different for everyone as we all remember things differently) you create a new neural pathway within your brain. Imagine you are driving a car over a road that is flat compared to driving on a road that has deep tire indentations from driving over the same spot. It would be much easier to drive in the latter road because there would be no need for steering – the tires would just stay in the grooves in the road. Sunstone helps you with forming these “tire grooves”.

This crystal can also help us find the joy of intellectualism. Many of us, especially those of us interested in spirituality, have made an enemy of the mind. The mind can be a beautiful tool when you learn to work with it and understand it.

Sunstone can help you change your attitude towards tasks and skills you find difficult. Instead of avoiding things that make you uncomfortable due to lack of skill or fear or failure you instead head straight towards them. Sunstone helps you to have the attitude of “I can do this” and keep practicing and repeating until it becomes muscle memory and second nature.

I definitely recommend this crystal to people who want to break old habits or form new ones. I would use it in conjunction with other crystals. For example, if you want to form a habit of taking better care of your body I would perhaps choose sunstone, rose quartz, and smokey quartz. Sunstone is also a good companion for musicians, dancers, writers or anyone who wants to learn a new skill – I would combine it with peacock ore.

How sunstone may help you physically heal

Physically, sunstone may help you with getting in touch with your body. It also assists with feeling confident in your body and having confidence about your boundaries and what you want.

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