How to Use White Aventurine For Healing

Overview of the uses of white aventurine:

  • Cleansing the body
  • Sorting through emotions, bringing light and love to the shadow self, soul retrieval
  • Finding light, hope, and inspiration within yourself
  • Experiencing the sweetness of life
  • Depression

    White Aventurine helps with soul retrieval and enjoying life again

It feels like this crystal is saying “I help you find the special place you within yourself that helps you to light the way.” I feel that white aventurine can aid people who have been depressed for a long time with finding zest for life and tasting the sweetness of life and love again.

It feels like this crystal helps with sorting out compartmentalized parts of the self and frozen emotional patterns. Imagine that as a healthy human you are born like a bowl of water, but as you experience trauma and lose parts of yourself, part of you gets taken out and frozen into ice cubes. It feels like white aventurine will help you sort through these ‘ice cubes’ and help you integrate into a whole person again. Because of this, white aventurine would probably be a nice crystal to work with during any soul retrieval or shadow work process. White aventurine helps to lift you up out of yourself so that you can view yourself objectively.

White aventurine renews reverence and awe in your spiritual practice. Its like it reminds you that you truly are a spiritual being. When you begin to just go through the motions and you don’t enjoy meditating or spending time just being, you may want to work with white aventurine. White aventurine also helps to align the heart with the seat of the will and the lower energy centers on the back side of the body in general.

White aventurine helps with internal spiritual cleansing

 It feels like this crystal does a lot of internal cleansing- emotionally, physically, and mentally. It feels like drinking cool, medicinal water that works its way throughout your body and cleanses. White aventurine feels like breath of fresh air. Its like being reconnected with your inner source of hope and strength.

Because of its affinity with the crown and cleansing abilities, this crystal could be used to help cleanse the lymphatic system. It helps cleanse stale energy from the body, to bring light to parts of the body that have been neglected and need healing. It is also anti-inflammatory and very cooling to the body. It could also help with the lungs, breathing issues, and respiration. It might work in cases where someone is not breathing properly and so then the person has poor oxygenation of the blood. White aventurine reminds me of the TCM concept of Metal Deficiency and I believe that this crystal would help in that situation.

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