The Heart Energy Center

The essence of Heart energy center is love, compassion and empathy. This energy center is located in the middle of the chest and is most often seen as green or pink. It is in the middle of the other energy centers and it balances and brings together the energies of the higher and lower energy centers.

When the Heart is balanced you are able to feel compassion and love for yourself and everyone and everything around you. It is not hard to connect with other people and since you understand that everything is connected, you have a hard time deliberately hurting others. With a balanced Heart, you know that love is an infinite resource and it is easy for you to feel loved.

Humans need love. Not only do they need to love themselves but they have to open up to receive love from others as well. Without a deep knowing that everything really is love and that you do not have do DO anything to get it, you can unconsciously repeat negative patterns in your life caused by a belief that love is scarce or hard to obtain. Shutting other people out and never becoming vulnerable with people so that you do not get hurt may seem like it is the safer choice, but without love and connection you will still feel pain.

Crystals that can help are watermelon tourmaline, pink calcite, rose quartz, green jade, malachite, rhodonite, green aventurine, emerald, and peridot.

Activities that can help open and heal this energy center are having open and honest conversations with people about how you really feel, taking a step towards becoming friends with someone, expressing kindness to other people, plants, or animals, showing affection towards those you care for, and taking time for yourself.

Negative beliefs and issues that could be associated with this energy  center are:

“No one will ever love me.”
“Relationships just don’t work out for me.”
“There is no point in opening up to others, they won’t like me anyways.”
“The only person who matters is myself.”

  • Inability to love yourself
  • Being afraid of becoming vulnerable, open, or intimate with others.
  • Inability to feel compassion for others or for yourself.

If you want to know which of your energy centers might be imbalanced, take the energy body test here. 


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