The Sacral Energy Center

The sacral energy center is all about having passion for life and enjoying the physical plane. It is located under the belly button and is most often orange in color. It also has a lot do do with our family relationships and relationships with others. If you have problems in many of your relationships you may want to work on your sacral and the issues you had or are having with your family. Relationship patterns that we pick up and learn in childhood often repeat themselves, and if you make a list of all the things you do not like about your family relationships and compare it to a list of things you do not like about other relationships, you will see that they have a lot if not everything in common. For example if you had a mother that was passive and did not listen to you, you could see this aspect mirrored throughout all of your other relationships. This usually means that you do not listen to your own needs and wants and are passive about them since your reality is only a mirror.

Working with this energy center can help with constant overeating. Often when we eat too much we are stuffing down emotions that we do not want to deal with or are unwilling to face. A lot of us have that certain emotions are inappropriate to express, such as anger or sadness. Go ahead and express your emotions!

When your sacral energy center is balanced, you have positive and enjoyable relationships, a high level of creativity, and a feeling that you really do enjoy being here on planet earth because you enjoy life.

Crystals that can help activate and heal this energy center are orange calcite, carnelian, copal, amber, and citrine.

Activities that can help heal the sacral are: engaging your senses by eating good food or doing aromatherapy to get in touch with what your physical body enjoys, exercise involving the hip and waist area(hooping), wearing clothes that you enjoy and that express your personality, creating art, and dancing.

Negative beliefs and issues that can be associated with this energy center are:

  • “I am not creative.”
  • “I am guilty.”
  • “I am too damaged or not good enough to have good relationships.”
  • “No one will ever want me after what I have done.”
  • Fear of emotional vulnerability or intimacy with someone.
  • Inability to express creatively, artists block, stuck creativity.
  • Disassociation from emotions and feelings.
  • Problems with maintaining desired types of relationships.

If you want to know which of your energy centers might be imbalanced, take the energy body test here .


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