The Third Eye Energy Center

The Third Eye  is located on the forehead and is most often seen as indigo in color. This energy center is associated with psychic ability, empathy and the ability to connect with other people in deeper ways, seeing through lies, and being able to manipulate energy.

I see a lot of information online about how to decalcify the pineal gland (the physical part of the body associated with the third eye) and some of it can be very useful but you do not have to stress about the current state of your third eyephysical body and whether it will affect your ability to “see” or use your Third Eye. I believe that simply eating clean and taking care of your body is enough, especially for someone who is just beginning to open this energy center. You will see what you need to see when you are ready to see it. Following your excitement will naturally lead you to taking steps that open and activate your energy centers.

Higher self connection – intuitive reading

With this reading, I use my intuitive skills to help you better connect with your higher self. You can think of your higher self as a “perfect you”. So this reading can help you to become a more perfect version of yourself! I also include some more information about what the higher self is and some steps to help you connect in general.You will receive your reading via email within 1-2 weeks of your payment processing.


I also have to add here that having your Third Eye open does not magically solve all of your problems or turn your life into a magical land filled with unicorns, even though being able to see and communicate with nonphysical or multidimensional beings can be helpful. If you are first getting into learning about your energy body, I recommend you work with the more physical energies first, so that way you have an easier time integrating spiritual energy into your physical life.

When your Third Eye is open and balanced you are open minded to new potentials and possibilities, you are able to connect to higher sources of creativity and imagination, and you will start to discover your own unique blend of psychic/extrasensory abilities that you chose to have for this lifetime. If you are having an extremely fast or overwhelming spiritual awakening/ Third Eye opening, spend time outside! You can also ask your guides for help with integrating this new type of energy into your body.

Crystals that can help are amethyst, rainbow fluorite, lapis lazuli, celestite, blue calcite, labradorite, phenacite, sugilite, and iolite. I recommend sleeping with these crystals with the intention that they assist you with activating your Third Eye.

Activities that can help are meditation, reading new types of books and information even if you don’t agree 100%, working with energy, asking for help from beneficial guides, automatic writing and channeling, and allowing yourself as much time as you feel possible to do whatever you feel like doing.

Negative beliefs and issues that could be associated with this energy center are:

  • “Intuition isn’t real.”
  • “My intuition isn’t reliable.”
  • “If I can’t feel it with my physical senses, it isn’t real.”
  • “I don’t want to learn about these things because I am afraid of them.” Being afraid of what you don’t understand.
  • Inability to see things for what they really are.
  • Unwillingness to spend time getting to know who you really are, fear of getting too deep into yourself.
  • Having a hard time imagining a positive or more preferred outcome for a situation
  • Sinus problems, headaches, migraines, and eye trouble.

If you want to know which of your energy centers might be imbalanced, take the energy body test here.

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