The Throat Energy Center

All About the Throat Energy Center

The Throat energy center is located at the throat and is most often seen as blue in color. This energy center relates to your ability to express yourself verbally and creatively. This is also one of the energy centers to work on if you would like to develop clairaudience, channeling, and other similar abilities.

No one ends up on this planet by mistake. Everyone here has to accomplish, learn, and share with others. Clearing and activating the Throat helps you to share your unique gifts to the world in a healthy way.

When the Throat center is balanced you will feel that it is easy to tell other people what it is that you want from them, you will be able to get your point across more clearly while you are speaking to others, and you won’t hold back on what you have to say for fear of others judgment.

Crystals that can help are blue kyanite, fluorite, aquamarine, blue calcite, azurite, blue lace agate, sodalite, and blue halite.

Activities that can help open and activate this energy center are speaking your mind, deep breathing, starting a blog or writing books, letting yourself be creative without judging your creations, and finding ways to share yourself and your talents with others in ways that you enjoy.

Negative beliefs and issues that could be associated with this energy center are:

  • “Others do not care about what I have to say.”
  • “I don’t have anything important to say.”
  • “I do not have any special talents and I am not creative.”
  • “My art is not as good as theirs.”
  • Fear of public speaking.
  • Fear of confrontation.
  • Unwillingness or fear of expressing some emotions for fear of hurting or offending others.
  • Physical throat and breathing ailments.

If you want to know which of your energy centers might be imbalanced, take the energy body test here.

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