Automatic Writing

Automatic writing can either be a form of channeling that allows you to communicate with nonphysical beings such as your guides or it can be a way to do healing with your subconscious mind. You do not have to work with a being other than yourself, you can also speak to your subconscious mind with automatic writing. Automatic writing is one of the best ways to communicate with your nonphysical guides, especially if you can’t hear them or see them.

Automatic writing and channeling

     Channeling is simply connecting with a being that is not physically present and bringing information in through them. This information could be guidance, ideas, creativity, or energy. I have a whole article about channeling here but with automatic writing, what you need to know is that you are channeling a message with words on the paper.

Will you find it easy to channel when you first start? No. Will you easily connect to the high-vibratory beings when you first start channeling? No. But with practice and effort, both of these things can be possible for you if you wish.

To begin, find a comfortable spot and relax. This will work either with typing or writing by handwriting, so get the supplies you need. Meditate and do a shielding process that you feel comfortable with if you would like to. Now you can call in the being you wish to channel such as a nonphysical guide or an angel. If you are just beginning then I recommend you do this with either your principal guide or your higher self. Now, tell your guide that you would like to channel them via automatic writing.

To begin automatic writing to channel, you could start out writing:

“My primary guide(or whatever being) is telling me…”

Write whatever comes to mind and let your hand be guided. What you receive may come in the form of auditory sound, words in your head, or even pictures. For some people it may feel like normal writing, for some it may feel like your hand is being guided. When you are finished, you can thank your guide and set an intention to disconnect.

Automatic writing and self-awareness or shadow work

Automatic writing can be helpful with seeking insight into a problem, asking your subconscious mind about your thoughts or perplexing dreams, learning more about your habits and addictions, separating yourself from ego and assuming an observer perspective, speaking with other beings without leaving your body, the sky is the limit!
The process is going to be the same as before except you are not going to try to connect to any type or spirit or guide, since this is coming from your own subconscious mind. Just set your pen to the paper and write as quickly as you can.

To begin automatic writing to do subconscious mind work, you could start out with:

  1. “The reason why I feel the need to emotionally overeat is that….”
  2. “The reason why I feel so angry lately is that…”
  3. “The dream I had last night symbolized…”
  4. “The reason it bothers me so much is because…”
  5. “I think my true purpose in life is….”

Now before you put your pen to paper, here are some tips!


  1. Get a special notebook just for automatic writing and things that your guides tell you.
  2. Don’t discount anything that you write down. Just keep writing!
  3. Write as quickly as you can, don’t slow down to read what you at writing or check for spelling mistakes.
  4. Don’t read what you wrote until later. Sometimes things will make more sense after more time has passed.
  5. Meditate before you start or spent time outside.
  6. Do a little bit of exercise and deep breathing before you start.
  7. Work with crystals: clear quartz, selenite, celestite, prehnite, amethyst, blue calcite, lapis lazuli, and azurite.
  8. Practice everyday. Once you become better at automatic writing you may even want to begin voice channeling or just talking to your guides directly as you learn to raise your vibration

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