The Spirit of Chamomile

The spirit behind chamomile is no surprise. It is what you would expect from a plant that has given humanity comfort and ease for hundreds of years. The spirit is full of very pleasant, sweet, and comforting energy that helps you to understand on an even deeper level the medicinal workings of the plant.

After spending time with chamomile it feels like someone has taken a warm, damp cloth and washed up my face. I feel refreshed, taken care of, and nurtured – like when a child falls and gets a scraped knee and someone helps the child to take care of the wound and continue playing and going on with life.

While full of the medicine of chamomile I feel relaxed and ready for life. I feel like my battery has been charged and chamomile has cheered me on to take care of some of my problems today. I am excited for the future but also relaxed. I now know that nothing I’m experiencing right now is *that* bad, and after all there are endless possibilities. It feels like my breath is more even and steady..

Emotional and spiritual associations of chamomile:

  • Fertility
  • Growth
  • Reminds me very much of sunstone, would pair well with this crystal
  • Feeling nurtured and refreshed
  • Calm dreaming
  • Getting yourself together and feeling well after a hard time
  • Creation and creativity
  • Being true to yourself
  • Helps with frustration, stubbornness, and fussiness

Who is chamomile?

Chamomile is the prince of possibility. I see the spirit sitting on a throne in a field of flowers with a perfectly blue sky and perfect green grass. In my time spent meeting with this plant spirit, it told me to sit on the adjacent throne. I sat but was confused as to why I should sit in the throne and what I was to do while sitting there. I then understood that I was being taught that I do not have to do anything, that in doing nothing lies all possibilities. Chamomile was teaching me about the power of stillness and calm power. Chamomile is very regal and powerful but also very childlike and laid back.

I asked the spirit why chamomile does so much for children and I then got that chamomile loves children because their eyes are not yet closed to the plethora of possibilities around them.

Chamomile as The Fool

The tarot card “The Fool” largely represents the energies of chamomile. If I had to describe the plant in a few words it would be “childlike innocence and childlike power.” I believe that to be as powerful as a child is to have the most power there is. Children know their purpose, their talents, their skills, they intuitively know what is good for them – all of this information is already inside of them. It is when the child is socialized out of this knowing and distanced from their intuition that the power loss occurs.

The Fool is also associated with the highest potential for your life, courage, and creative expression. These are all important aspects of chamomile as well. Chamomile wants you to express yourself fully and authentically – this is how you come into contact with your highest potential as a human but it does take a lot of courage to do so in today’s world.

What kind of people can benefit from the medicine of chamomile?

I would give this plant to someone who was very stressed and worried. I would give this to someone who had lost their connection to their joy and emotional guidance system so much that they had no idea where to go and what to do in life. I would give it to someone who needed a re-established connection to their higher self/true essence. I believe chamomile would benefit someone who felt like they had little or no power in life. I would also give it to someone who was too deeply ingrained in their own problems and unable to escape or see from an alternative perspective.

Chamomile will help to soothe you and help you calm down after something has ruffled your feathers. Chamomile would be appropriate to take if you are very angry and are about to explode in an inappropriate way, such as at a work meeting, Chamomile does not stifle your anger but it helps you to not completely fly off the handle. Then, you are able to express your anger but not as aggressively.

The plant wants you to learn to stay true to yourself even in unpleasant situations and to not let negative emotions or experiences change the good parts of who you are. Chamomile teaches us about working with the unpleasant emotions in the mind.

Chamomile also teaches about completeness and letting go. Chamomile teaches being complete no matter what is going on and knowing there is no missing piece in your life, it is all here. It teaches letting go and giving up because you realize there is nothing more you can do. Not in a bad way, but when you realize that you will never get it right and you will never get anything perfect so you might as well take a deep breath and take life as it comes to you. Chamomile teaches you to watch as life transforms itself instead of working against the grain to get what you want.
Other kinds of people who need the medicine of chamomile are people who lack love and are very greedy with anything that they get. These people may collect a lot externally but are empty inside. They can be upset with everything and fussy and unhappy.
Chamomile can sometimes be indicated for people who are either having trouble dreaming or are having too many nightmares. A sign that the plant may be indicated or dream time could be that the individual also has other indications for chamomile, such as digestive upset due to lack or appetite or indigestion.

Medicinal workings of chamomile


Energetic properties: neutral-warm, bitter, drying (don’t understand plant energetics? Read here -coming soon)

A summary of chamomile’s properties:

  • digestive
  • carminative
  • sedative
  • antiseptic
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • emollient
  • antimicrobial
  • diaphoretic

Remember, herbal medicine is not effective if you don’t match the herbs to the person. Chamomile might work for one person, but mugwort might be a better choice for another person. There is no herb that will work for everyone in the same way because we are all different. You can’t simply pick up chamomile because you want something to help you sleep or you want something to help with your digestion and you think chamomile will help because it is known to help in those areas.

Herbal medicine is much more involved than simply picking one herb off of a list of “sleep-aid herbs” or “digestive herbs”. The less effort and time you put into choosing the right herbs, the more chance you will make yourself or someone else sick due to ignorance and misunderstanding. Learn a system of herbal medicine so that you can be thorough or stay away from lazy and ineffective herbalism.

With that said, chamomile is one of my favorite herbs to keep around because it is quite versatile and can be used with most people who do not have allergies to the herb. Sometimes chamomile is not seen as much of a medicinal herb because it is associated with being gentle but this is far from the truth. Gentle herbs can be some of the most powerfully medicinal ones as well. Keep in mind that if you are working with chamomile medicinally that you will probably want to stay away from weak teas and go for overnight infusions – this is when the medicinal properties of the herb really begin to shine, especially with digestive issues.

Chamomile is a wonderful before-meal tea it can be taken after as well. It can help with IBS, indigestion, or general digestive upset caused by negative emotions before or after eating the meal. What would also help individuals who need chamomile in this situation is to really set aside quiet time for eating and making sure they are calm before taking in any food.

Chamomile is very safe diaphoretic to use for children. It is one of my favorite herbs to use in children’s cold formulas, along with elderflower.

This herb has several uses when it comes to hair and skincare. Chamomile in a skin wash or skin salves (or.. homemade lotions! A DIY treat!!) to help with acne or irritated skin. Chamomile is more indicated for people with normal-oily skin since it is a drying herb. You could also use the herb in a face steam which is something I do very often.

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