Everyone is a channel of energy. When most people refer to channeling, they are usually meaning that they are communicating a message transferred from a being other than themselves. Channeling is communication between you and some other being who may not be physically present, such as an angel, nature spirit, extraterrestrial, or your higher self. The communication itself can come in the form of pictures, words, colors, sounds, or feelings. You may also get large “downloads” of information at one time. If you get a download, it can seem like whole concepts are inserted into your brain in less than a second. This differs from regular channeling because downloads are instant while channeling is more of a real time communication process, like having a conversation.

There are two types of channeling, deep trance channeling and conscious channeling:

Conscious channeling

       Conscious channeling is when you are fully conscious during the channeling session, it is very much like the being is talking to you and then you are repeating what has been communicated.To me, conscious channeling feels like someone comes and asks to speak, and then it feels like my energy is being pushed over once I give permission. Channeling feels a bit like translating words into human language, and a lot of the time it is literally translation since not all information comes in words.

Deep trance channeling

During trance channeling, the being takes the drivers seat and really speaks through you. Trance channeling may often mean that the person channeling the message will not remember what has been said because they were not fully conscious.

Some crystals to work with while channeling:

Prehnite– Communicating with other beings
Selenite – Raising your vibration and connecting to other beings, especially guides.
Angelite – Connecting with angels
Blue calcite – Opening the throat energy center, communication
Amethyst – Higher self connection and spirituality

How to channel

     It can take many years to become an adept channel but I will give an overview of what one channeling session could be like. I would recommend that you begin a channeling session by cleansing your space and meditating. After that, you can ask to connect with the being who you wish to channel and let them know what you are trying to do. Depending on the being you could say something like “I would like to channel a message from you.” You should then feel a difference in the way that you feel. If you are a beginner, you may not feel anything different and that is okay. After connecting then you can channel! Put your pen to paper like with automatic writing or open your mouth and let the words flow through you. Remember to disconnect when you are finished.

Channeling can be an extremely useful skill because you can bring in all kinds of information and communicate with other types of beings. It is very important to remember that other beings are not better than you because they may have more information about a certain subject than you currently have. It is also important to remember that there are many deceptive beings who may claim to be helpful but are not. It is also important to remember that no being owes you a channeling session and some beings and gods especially have certain requirements that must be met before they will speak with you – keep that in mind.

It is very easy for someone to simply say or write something and say that it was channeled from a god or an angel. It is very important to use discernment when reading channeled material because the truth is that not all of it is really channeled and even if it is – something is not good for you simply because it is channeled information. Spirits are like people in the way that some of them have humanity’s best interest at heart and some of them don’t – and both of these types of spirits are being channeled all the time. Information is not better simply because it is channeled or communicated from a nonphysical spirit.

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