Clair Abilities – Types of Psychic Abilities

Psychic information is received in different ways by different people. There are names for each type of psychic ability, though it can be hard to differ sometimes because some of them can merge together. It is not important to know these terms but they can help if you are wondering where your abilities are the strongest. These can sometimes be confusing because many people use the term “clairvoyance” or “clairsentience” to refer to all of these abilities.

Clairsentience – this means clear feeling (physical)

  • Physical knowing within your body
  • The ability to feel or sense presences in a room
  • Tingling or something similar when you are using your intuition

The clair ability of clairtangency (psychometry) can also fit under clairsentience, since it deals with physical sensing. Clairtangency is experienced if you touch an object such as an old locket and then receive psychic information about the person who previously owned the locked. Clairtangency is defined as picking up psychic information from physical objects.

Clairsentience however, is receiving psychic messages from your body. For example, your body may start to tingle if a spirit is near. Perhaps if someone is very sick or if you walk into a place that is dangerous your hands will become very hot.

Clairempathy – this means clear emotional feeling (sometimes people call this clairsentience)

  • Ability to understand and perceive others emotions and feelings
  • The ability to perceive others true motivations
  • Ability to perceive and understand others experiences

Some people are very offended by the concept of some people being more emotionally psychic than others. The truth is that a lot of people who have this ability (empaths) don’t even like the fact that they have it or find it a burden! This is because without training, practice, or knowledge, and empath can soak up everyone else’s emotional energies and become very drained and weighed down

An example of clairempathy is meeting someone in a store and feeling that they are grieving even though they look fine on the outside, and you later find out that they lost a loved one. Another example would be if you are sitting with someone on a train and you experience one of their intense emotional memories – such as being trapped in a burning building and being unable to get out. An experience like this may also be symbolic, perhaps the person could be emotionally feeling like they are trapped in a burning building.

Clairvoyance – this means clear sight

  • Seeing orbs, angels, spirits, auras or energy fields
  • “Seeing” the future in your minds eye or through dreams
  • Receiving visual images that are like pictures or movies in the mind

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability known to many. It is probably the first thing that people think of when they hear the word “psychic”. However, clairvoyance is not necessarily the best or most accurate type of psychic ability to have. In fact, none of them is better than any of the others.

An example of clairvoyance could be if you are speaking with someone and they mention someone who you have not met before. Then you see the person clairvoyantly in your minds eye and later find out that the way you saw them in your mind is exactly how they look.

Clairaudience – this means clear hearing

  • Receiving audio messages from either this world or other dimensions
  • Hearing out of the normal range of hearing
  • Hearing psychic information through inner minds ear
  • Hearing the voices of spirits

Clairaudience can be experienced in both the inner and outer ear. There is the obvious physical ear with which you hear sound. There is also an inner ear, or mind’s ear, with which you can also receive psychic information. This inner ear is what you are using if you hear the voices of guides in your mind.

An example of clairaudience could be if you hear your name being called but no one is physically there. You then follow the voice calling you only to find something that you would not have found otherwise – like a 100 dollar bill just when you need it!

Claircognizance – this means clear knowing

  • Gut feeling knowing
  • When you get intuitive downloads of information
  • When you are 100 percent sure about something without knowing why or how you know

When you are claircognizant you know things without really having a valid source of information – it is just your psychic senses picking up information up from the akashic records. An example of claircognizance is if you “just know” that a certain person is going to call you at a certain time and then they do. Another example is if you know that it is going to rain even though the weather channel does not say it will rain. I have even heard of one psychic who knew the area she lived in was going to have serious flooding. She moved away and the flooding did end up happening in the future.

It is very obvious that all humans experience some of these, such as gut feeling knowing and suddenly seeing though someones facade and to their true motivations. The difference is that these types of experiences become a very frequent and constant occurrence in the life of the psychic. A person may have had a couple of experiences when they dreamed of someone they had not spoken to in a long time and then received a call from them the next day. This is something a lot of people experience. However, when psychic abilities develop, a person may have dreams like this every night – constantly receiving guidance and clues in the dream world about the interpersonal interactions that would later happen.

Someone with any of these abilities is not better than someone without them. This post exists to illustrate the differences of psychic perception between different individuals – we all have different ways of receiving psychic information. An empath or clairvoyant person is not better than anyone else. Just like an olympic runner does not believe they are better than everyone else who cannot run quickly, or a doctor believing they are better than everyone else who cannot perform brain surgery.

Through practice and use, your psychic abilities can develop to be stronger each time you use them. You can learn more about developing your psychic abilities here

It is very important to use discernment and stay safe.

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