Color Therapy


Everything in our universe is made up of specific vibrations and energies. Each color has its own vibrational frequency which we can use to help bring beneficial energies into our lives. An attraction or aversion to particular colors can tell a lot about what kind of energies are most similar to your own and which kind of energy you may be lacking in.

Everyday ways to use color as a healing tool:

  • Color charged water
  • Color visualizations
  • Colored lighting
  • Clothing
  • Makeup/ nail polish
  • Home decor and art
  • Drawing and painting with that color
  • Eating foods that color


  • Helps to heal the Root energy center
  • Crystals: red garnet, smokey quartz, red jade, hematite, black onyx
  • Physical: vitality, digestion, energy, strength
  • Emotional: courage, sexuality, grounding, feeling fully alive, ambition
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: self-destructive and suicidal tendencies, sluggish digestion, lack of interest in life, blood disorders, long lasting illness


  • Helps to heal the Sacral energy center
  • Crystals: orange calcite, carnelian, tiger eye
  • Physical: reproductive organs and hormones
  • Emotional: sensuality, enjoyment of life, connection to your emotions
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: lack of desire, guilt, reproductive organ ailments, hormonal imbalances, depression


  • Helps to heal the Solar plexus energy center
  • Crystals: citrine, pyrite, sulfur, yellow jasper
  • Physical: digestion, the liver
  • Emotional: self esteem, intelligence, friendliness
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: intestinal issues, self-doubt, victim mentality, fear, coldness towards others, problems with the liver, toxins in the body


  • Helps to heal the Heart energy center
  • Crystals: green aventurine, green jade, moss agate
  • Physical: growth, healing, recovery
  • Emotional: love, harmony, balance, prosperity/abundance
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: lack of self love, disconnection from nature, long lasting illness


  • Helps to heal the Throat energy center
  • Crystals: aquamarine, blue lace agate, blue calcite, sodalite
  • Physical: soothing, relaxing, anti-inflammator
  • Emotional: calm, communication, truth and honesty, higher mental activity
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: fear of public speaking, trouble with communicating with others, having a fear of sharing the truth of who you are, physical problems with the neck and lungs


  • Helps to heal the Heart energy center
  • Crystals: pink tourmaline, rose quartz, ruby
  • Emotional: safety and security
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: feeling unloved, feeling unsafe and insecure, excessive violence


  • Helps to heal the Crown energy center
  • Crystals: sugilite, iolite, amethyst
  • Physical: immune and lymphatic system, clears away negativity that leads to illness
  • Emotional: imagination, guidance, intuition, connecting to the higher mind
  • Issues that can be helped with this color: the belief that you are disconnected from everything and the illusion of separation, being able to assimilate and understand new concepts, negativity



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