What are empaths?

Empathy, also sometimes known as clairsentience or clairempathy, means that someone has a knack for picking up on other peoples feelings beyond what most would pick up on. I would say that the difference between clair abilities and empathic abilities is that empathic abilities are with you when you are born. Clair abilities such as clairvoyance can be developed, but emotional empathy is something you are born doing. You can experience


empathy through clair abilities. For example if you are a crystal empath, you can empathically feel the crystals with clairempathy, clairsentience, or clairaudience.  Empathic people generally love helping other people but they don’t know how to control their own energy field so they end up soaking up everyone else’s energy and feeling really bad afterward. After learning how to control empathy it can be a useful tool in helping others.

Not knowing how to deal with empathy can leave some feeling as though communicating with other people (especially large crowds) is not enjoyable or is uncomfortable, but after learning how to ground into the physical body and hold their own space, these people can learn that empathy is really not bad at all. The different attributes ascribed to empaths are more often than not common to all humans. The difference between someone who is an empath and someone who is not is the level of empathy. With empaths, the level of connection and information that you get from a person (or to whatever the connection is being made to) is a lot higher.

This post will mainly be about emotional empathy though there are a few different types.

Types of empathy

Some of these empath types may overlap, this is a general overview.

Emotional Empathy:

  • Do you have the ability to knowingly tap into how someone is feeling? Does this happen accidentally as well? Example: looking at someone and knowing what they are thinking or feeling.
  • Do you sometimes ‘catch’ other peoples moods, as if they are contagious? Example: feeling an emotion for no reason and then realizing it is not yours but someone or something else’s.

  • Do you think you can easily tell the moods and emotions of strangers?
  • Are you good at telling what other people need to feel better? Example: knowing that a certain type of drink is someone’s favorite thing to have when they are sad.

Like in this photo, emotional empaths are the most known for feeling drained and overwhelmed by other people. Obviously most humans have the ability to empathize and understand others feelings, but with an emotionally empathic individual they are hyper-developed. This results in the person more often experiencing deeper levels of other people’s emotions. Emotional empaths have a habit of thinking that it is their responsibility to fix everyone else’s problems.

There can also be some attributes that are physical as well:

  • Have you often experienced the same physical pain as someone else? (Example: have you gotten pain in your ankle while someone else had ankle pain at the same time, while it was unknown to you?)
  • Can you feel beings enter into a room, even if you can’t see them? Example: getting hot hands when ghosts are around.
  • Can you tell who that being is (without obvious clues)?  Example: feeling tingling in a certain part of your body whenever a certain deceased loved one visits you.
  • Do you feel strange or different sensations in your body while you are around different people?

Place Empathy:

  1. Do you get very strong ‘vibes’ when you walk into places?
  2. Are you able to tell what has happened in a house or place, without having someone tell you?

Crystal Empathy:

  1. Do you “just know” what certain crystals can be used for?
  2. Do you have a deep love for crystals?
  3. Do you think that crystals have feelings? Do you sometimes personify them or treat them like humans?
  4. Does holding a new crystal feel like a magical and special experience for you?
  5. Do you feel like you learn things from crystals just by being around them?

Plant Empathy:

  • Do you know when a plant needs something just by being around it?
  • Do you feel very uncomfortable around unwatered plants, or plants that have not been taken care of?
  • Do you have conversations with plants?
  • Do you feel that you understand plants?
  • Do you learn things from plants?

Untrained empathy

I refer to people who are empaths but have not done anything to develop or control their abilities as untrained or unempowered empaths. These people often have a lot of negative experiences with empathy and as a result hate the fact that they are empathic. A lack of control over empathic abilities can leave someone feeling like they can’t be in crowds because they can’t control how they feel, or that they are constantly drained because they cannot say no to people.

Negative symptoms some empaths may experience:

  1. Feeling other people’s physical or emotional pain and not being able to easily get rid of it.
  2. Feeling extremely sick or ill after being around certain people, even if they did not do anything wrong.
  3. Feeling like your senses can be easily overwhelmed because you are more sensitive than most people.
  4. Being able to finish other peoples thoughts or sentences very often without understanding why. Sometimes feeling that you may read peoples thoughts.
  5. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed by other peoples energy. Having a fear of crowds.
  6. Finding verbal communication inadequate or inefficient because you are used to communicating in other ways – you communicate though emotions and feeling which is a lot faster than verbal communication.
  7. Not understanding your emotions or feeling that your emotions may be emotions that you are picking up from someone else that is around you.
  8. Feeling like you need to protect yourself from other people’s energy.
  9. Feeling like you need to recharge after being around others.

It is very important to have discernment and know whether something has a physical cause or if it is something else. You need to examine the facts and what is going on instead of immediately assuming that something is happening because of your empathy, or if you even have empathy at all.If you are an empath, it does not mean that you need to live a life full of anxiety and out of control emotions. Empaths are powerful and have the option to take control of their intuitive abilities instead of feeling owned and taken advantage of by them  If you are having these symptoms and feel like you need help, you may want to even see a doctor. This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the care of a medical professional.

Ways to become an empowered empath

  1. Please check out Shielding: A Protective Process or a Cop-out?
  2. Learn to remove yourself from situations that are not good for you.
  3. Tune into your body. You cannot develop healthy boundaries if you don’t know how you feel. You can even set a timer for every 2 hours to check in with yourself.
  4. Learn to differentiate between something that is going on with you or if you are picking it up from someone else.
  5. Develop self-worth and know that you are important and deserve to be taken care of.
  6. Claim your space. Live as if you deserve to be healthy, happy, and safe. Remove anything that takes away from that as much as possible.

Again, the most important thing with empathy is discernment. You need to know whether something is your energy, someone or something else’s energy, or if you maybe need help from a counselor or doctor.

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