Energetic Cleansing

Everything is made of energy. All energy comes from the same source but it manifests into different types of energy, and energy can also be manipulated. Energy in a room can become stagnant and full of negativity, or the room may be very high-vibrational and uplifting. It is much better for us to be in areas with uplifting energy, which is why energetic cleansing is important.

Aside from cleansing rooms, personal energetic hygiene is also important. This could include shielding, cleaning gunk out of your energy field, and keeping yourself grounded and alert so you can perceive when things are not right. To understand more about auras, you can read my 101 article on auras, and to understand more about feeling energy you can read my article about that here.

Just like there are dozens of different ways to clean a house, there are many different ways to clean energetically. The fundamental steps are usually:

  1. Determine what space or person you are cleansing

  2. Decide what type of cleansing is appropriate

  3. Cleanse the space of the negative or unwanted energy

  4. Bring in the type of positive energy that you want

Lets go more in-depth! It is good to have a time at least once a week when you cleanse yourself and your space, but find a routine that works best for you. I personally do a more thorough cleansing about once weekly and a quick self-cleansing once a day. There are quick ways to energetically cleanse yourself and your space such as:

  • Visualizing a ball of light in your heart and powerfully pushing the light out until it covers your whole energetic field
  • Cleansing sprays and incenses
  • Prayers
  • Shields
  • Showers and baths

How do you know what type of cleansing is appropriate? That will depend on the situation and how much cleansing needs to be done. You will need a lot more cleansing if there is a nasty spirit following than if you are just doing a routine clean-up. For routine cleansings you will gather your materials, state your intention, cleanse the space, and move on. Here is are a few examples of quick routine cleanings.

Quick ways of cleansing your space

1. Spray or smoke cleansing

Get a cleansing spray, incense stick, or dried herbs
Open a window to let out stale energy
State your intention (to energetically cleanse your space or something similar) and now would be a good time to pray to any beings if that is a part of your practice
Spray or move the smoke around the room, I personally do this 3 times
Blow out anything you have been burning and thank any beings you have worked with

2. Energetic cleansing – for people experienced in energy manipulation

  1. Get yourself into a clear and centered state, perhaps meditate for a few minutes
  2. Gather energy into your hands
  3. Open a window to let out stale energy OR create an energetic vortex on the floor to suck out energy (sometimes I will create crystal grids on the floor for this purpose)
  4. Move around the room in a circular motion, using your hands to guide energy out of the window or into the vortex with the intention that it will be transformed into neutral energy void of negativity
  5. Do this until the room feels clear

3. Sound cleansing

  1. Grab a tuning fork, bell, or another instrument
  2. Open a window to let out stale energy
  3. Pray to any beings if that is a part of your practice
  4. Ring your bell in all parts of the room (make sure you get the corners)
  5. Circle the room with your bell 3 times, or until the room feels cleansed

It is important to note that energetic gunk can accumulate when a space is not physically clean. For example a room with a lot of clutter and dusty spaces will have a lot of stale energy, especially if the window has not been opened in a long time. Matters become worse when there is a lot of emotional stuff going on, like if there is a depressed or angry individual living in the space. One of the best things we can do for our depressed loved ones is to clean their rooms for them (with their permission), not only is it physically more comfortable but it can help relieve the feeling of sitting in the same emotional gunk. A big part of energetic hygiene is just moving things around and circulating the energy!

Doing regular cleansing is perhaps the best way to prevent some energetically bad stuff from going on, but in the event that you are in need of some hardcore cleansing is good to have a plan. Here is a handy scale that may help you.

How Bad is My Energetic Gunk Scale

1 – Routine cleansing, nothing is wrong but you want to keep it that way

2 -You have neglected your routine cleansings and need to put a little more effort into this one

3 – You feel a little icky and you feel that a cleansing is in order

4 – You are feeling bad and things are going wrong, you may even think there is a slightly negative spirit hanging around. Things aren’t extremely bad but you definitely want to do a cleansing

5 – You feel bad and you definitely have a bad spirit on your hands. Or maybe there is not a spirit but you have been having a ton of negative emotional stuff going on in your house so it feels like an energetic mess.

6 – Things are kinda bad at this point and you are starting to get alarmed. This is the time to do a giant cleansing, whatever that means to you in your practice. Get your things in order and then investigate to see if a spirit or person is involved.

7 – Now things are pretty serious so cleansing sprays and incenses wont cut it! Now is the time to seek help from someone experienced if you are not that experienced yourself. See if the things going on are your fault and if there is someone you need to apologize to, after all you may have offended a land spirit. Always check that you did not do something wrong first before you go on the offensive and hurt other people/beings, if at all. Now would be the time to banish this negativity from your space

8-10 Definitely get help unless of course you know what you are doing, whether its from a medium, priest, exorcist, witch, healer, or friend. You may have to consider a full-scale exorcism.

This is just my personal scale so find what works best for you! Most of what you experience will be within a 1-5 scale, unless you work a lot with spirits or live in a place with a lot of spirits. Here are some suggestions for each type of situation. For 1-3 basic cleansings are fine, this means just opening a window, saying a few words, and spraying some cleaner. For 4-6, you may want to call on the help of a being you trust such as an angel or god while you cleanse your space, and make sure you use affirming words that this is your space. If you do have a pesky spirit on your hands you will need to resolve the situation. For me, I let the spirit know my boundaries and rules and that if they are willing to follow my rules then I will be willing to help them if they need it. Otherwise, I kick them out of my space. For 7-10 I personally would definitely work with divine energy and high-vibrational beings that I trust. It is good to know someone you trust to call in this type of situation, such as a fellow spiritworker or pastor. The most important thing to remember during cleansing is that you have power! Use whichever tools help you feel you have power and confidence, whether they are crystals, bells, or incenses. Negative beings will eventually be put off by your power, and you will have owned your space.

Though there are dozens of different ways to cleanse, being aware of what is going on in your energy field is always a good idea. Always remember you have a right to exist in your space and live a happy and healthy life. If someone or something is interfering with that, you have a right to either get away from them or kick them out of your energy field or home. Cleansing begins with having good boundaries, without them, anything can come in and interfere with your way of life.

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