Grounding is not just walking on the earth barefoot or trying to connect to Gaia through meditation. To be grounded you have to be able to accept physical life and not treat it as if it is some kind of punishment or something to be feared. The definition of accept is to receive something that has been given – and we have all been given the gift of life. We all treat this gift in different ways: some of us run away from it, some of us ignore it and try not to think about it and what it really is, some of us regret having it, and some try to make the best of it. The healthiest attitude towards your gift of life would be to pick it up and decide to keep it and do the best with it that you can, even though it certainly does not always feel like life is a gift. Treating your physical body and physical life as if it has no importance is unhealthy and not spiritual at all – even though it is often seen that way. Sharot Pruitt

Without grounding we are unable to bring higher spiritual concepts into the physical realm. This could mean that whenever we have good ideas we have a hard time implementing them or making them a reality. It is very frustrating for us to have amazing creative ideas without the willpower or belief that we can actually make those ideas a reality. Achieving a dream or goal seems impossible when ungrounded because the idea of doing something in the physical realm seems too scary, too complicated, impossible, confusing, bad, or just not worth it.

Without grounding we are also unable to fully inhabit our bodies and enjoy a physical life and feel like we really belong here. People who are constantly ungrounded will more likely have this manifest into the physical in ways like low immune function, shallow breathing, low energy, and poor digestion. People who are this ungrounded probably have suffered trauma or pain and so have withdrawn retreated into spirituality and intellectual pursuits so that they can continue to avoid the physical realm out of fear.

For ungrounded people to heal they must learn how to feel safe here. This will be a long-term issue to heal for most people.

What can cause you to not be grounded?

  • The aforementioned issues of trauma and fear can cause individuals to separate from their physical bodies on an energetic level in their auric field and also mentally
  • A nonchalant attitude towards physical life and consequent nonchalant actions
  • EMF radiation
  • Excess positive ions
  • Too much time thinking or meditating
  • Not paying attention to your body
  • A lack of self-care
  • Disconnection from nature

Activities for grounding

  • Some ways to help with occasional or long-term grounding are:
  • Walking barefoot outside
  • Energy healing
  • Making a list of reasons why you are safe living here
  • Exercise
  • Communicating and spending time with plants and trees
  • Spending time just focusing on certain parts of your body
  • Tuning into your body and your emotions several times a day
  • Doing guided meditations to connect with the earth
  • Getting a massage or giving yourself a massage

Thought patterns and beliefs to encourage for grounding


These can be used in the same way as affirmations if you would like.

  • Each day gives me even more opportunities to experience the magic of life and feel connected to divine love.
  • I enjoy living life. My physical senses provide me with exciting ways to experience the world around me.
  • My connection to the earth is inseparable, I am firmly rooted to the earth just like a tree.
  • I am nurtured and sustained by my connection to nature.
  • Each breath that I take fills me with the vital energy I need to enjoy the magic deliciousness of the next moment.

Crystals and Grounding

My favorite crystals to help with grounding are:

  • Black tourmaline
  • Smoky quartz
  • Hematite
  • Magnetic lodestone
  • Proustite

You can wear these crystals, meditate with them, make gem waters with them, or just keep them around. My recommendation if you have grounding issues is to meditate with the crystal in the morning to help you stay anchored inside your body throughout the day.

In a body layout (arrangement of crystals on or around the body) on someone else or yourself, you can place a downward-facing smokey quartz point below each foot, a magnetic lodestone in each hand, and a hematite in-between the thighs. You can then visualize bringing the persons energy down from above the head and more into the physical body.

Staying grounded is easy for some and harder for others. Usually people who are empaths, people who astral travel or meditate often, or people who use their psychic abilities a lot have issues with grounding. Please take care of your physical life and remember it is a treasure!

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