Healing with Symbols, Imagery, and Dreams

Dreams versus reality

Life is like a large dream. When you visualize something in your mind it has an effect on your “real” waking life. The truth is that there actually is no “real” life. Whichever life you spend the most time in or pay the post attention to you seems more real. This means that if you spend more time in other dimensions or more time astral travelling than you do in your waking life here, then your physical life will not seem very real to you. This can be very unhealthy. However, your physical waking life here, your dream/imaginal life, and other alternate lives are all equally real. So doing work in the astral/imaginal realm is just as real – and just as useful- as doing things here. Of course some things are better done in the physical realm – you won’t get very good results from trying to wash the dishes in the astral realm.

When you create something in your mind, it is real even if it is not manifested into the third dimensional realm. It is just real in another dimension, a different reality. Sometimes things you create and work with in other dimensions can manifest into the physical realm and some cant. For example, you can create a unicorn thoughtform to protect you while you sleep and meditate however that unicorn will not one day come ant knock on your door in your physical life here. You can focus on and create some things that can be manifested here though – such as healing, opportunities, and material items. What you can and cannot manifest out of nonphysical form all depends on your beliefs and the rules and agreements of the third dimensional reality on earth at the moment.

So when you do meditations to meet your guides, focus on healing negative beliefs, or do healing visualizations, you can have changes occur in your physical third dimensional life. This is because humans are multidimensional beings that exist not only in the physical realm but in the nonphysical realms as well. When you do healing work on one realm it can mirror throughout the other realms. For example if someone is suffering from stress they will have symptoms not just in their physical, emotional, or mental existence but all three. If the person decides to take a physical action to decrease stress then not only will the physical symptoms of stress decrease but the mental and emotional symptoms will decrease as well. This could be witnessed in the person’s energetic field. By connecting with your emotions, using your intuition, and knowing what feels right for you at that moment, you can use your mind to create healing experiences for yourself through visualization.

What if you hate visualization?

A big reason people hate visualization is that they think they are doing it wrong. You do not have to be a level 200 clairvoyant master in order to do work with your imagination.There really is no wrong way and getting to trust what you are seeing takes time and practice. It is important to know that there are no coincidences to what the mind can show you during visualization and that you will see what you need to see when the time comes. There is no need to ever do visualization in order to do healing practices or anything else however I do think that it can be amazing tool if you are willing to give it a chance.

When I first started doing visualizations, especially ones in which I focused on speaking with guides or another part of myself, I had a hard time telling if anything was happening or if I was just making it all up. As you work with your imagination and dreaming skills, you will find it easier to tell what is happening. Your ability to sense what is going on will increase with time. You will be able to tell when you are having cluttered thoughts intrude on your meditation practice or when your mind really is showing or telling you something. This kind of discernment comes with practice. Most of us have been taught to ignore our feelings and intuition which is what basically guides our visualization work. In order to have successful visualization work you have to unlearn the programming that you cannot trust yourself or your feelings.
Before getting started with healing work that involves the imagination you may want to create a safe space in your mind. This is immensely helpful as you can have many healing tools in this safe place that help you work with your trauma. The healing properties of your safe place can help you when you have just gone through a lot of emotional processes during your visualization and need to settle down before you come back to focus on your physical form and life here.

Creating a safe place in the imaginal realm.

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You can create spaces to repeatedly visit while you do visualization and dream work – like the beach in this photo. One of my places is a spot in nature that I remember from an alternate life. Another is a stone table with a lot of chairs in the middle of a large field. While you are designing your space, think about how you want it to feel. The most important part is that you feel safe, since you will be doing shadow work there, and also meeting with other beings if you wish.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your safe space. It can be a cabin in the forest, a tunnel in the ground, a mansion overlooking the beach, or an asteroid in outer space. I highly recommend having both wind, water, earth, and fire present in your safe space so that they can be used during visualizations.

Water elements can be waterfalls, rivers, streams, oceans, beaches, or even faucets. Water helps with cleansing and all of the water in your safe space is holy and cleansing.

You can visualize wind elements any time during your visualizations. Wind is helpful with transformation and change and can be used to blow something far away from you or it can be used with cleansing as well.

Fire elements can be volcanoes, fireplaces, cauldrons, ovens, bonfires, or anything you can think of that involves fire. Fire can also assist with transformational visualizations that involve destroying something or burning something off of you.

Earth elements can be rocks, soil, or trees. Earth in your safe space can be useful when you feel that you need to be grounded and connected. It is also very healing and rejuvenating.

Benefits of having a safe place (or several) in the imaginal realm

  • You can have a designated place to do visualization healing work
  • You can have special tools such as holy water
  • This can be a special place to meet ancestors, guides, or any type of being you work with
  • You can feel safe while doing shadow work

How to work with dreams for healing

Dreams can be wonderful healing tools, this includes nightmares and night terrors especially. Your dreams often show you what is hidden deep within your subconscious mind, so one of the best ways to work with the subconscious mind is actually through visualization. One thing you may want to do is work with a recurring dream. For example, you may often have nightmares of spiders. When you feel ready, you can either confront the spider spider in a visualization or intend to dream of the spider to learn what it is bringing you from your subconscious.

1. Meeting the spider in the imaginal realm

  1. Relax and ground yourself
  2. Connect with the feeling of the dream. How did you feel when you saw the spider in your dream? Call up that feeling again and feel it as intensely as you can
    Imagine the spider in your mind and observe it. What does it remind you of?
  3. Directly ask the spider why it has shown itself in your dreams

2. Dreaming of the spider intentionally

  1. This is a method for the intermediate-advanced dreamer
  2. Set an intention to dream of the spider again before you go to sleep. You can do this by simply stating it or writing it on a piece of paper. intend to remember details of the dream or that the dream will have a solution or message for you
  3. Go to sleep thinking of your intention
  4. If you are successful, you will see the spider again or end up in a similar dream and wake up with your answers

How to work with symbols and imagery for healing

I usually either use visualization healing techniques inside of the imaginal safe space on myself or on a client during a session. Within the imaginal safe space there are many possibilities but it all depends on your goals and intentions. It is a very great idea to listen to your intuition because it will let you know what kind of healing tool or technique would be best applied to that particular situation. Maybe if you are having allergies your intuition will tell you to go to a sacred lake inside of your safe place and take a ritual bath to clear your sinuses.

Another way to work with imagery is during energy healing sessions. There are many ways to modify techniques of energy healing. You can use colored light or even use a tool on the energy body. If you perceive holes in the auric field you can sew it together. If you see an energy leak then you can place a sacred bandage on it made of rose quartz. You can visualize using a hammer to break up stagnant energy.

Helpful healing imagery and symbols you can work with:

  • Symbols that pop up in your dreams or waking life that have special significance to you
  • Yourself from the past or the future
  • Yourself from a past or alternate life
  • Source/god itself
  • The elements – water, fire, earth, and air. Water in particular is very useful in visualizations and dream work.
  • Spiritual helpers or ancestors
  • Animals
  • People who you trust and admire, or people you feel have a lot of experience with the issue you are dealing with
  • Spray bottles filled with divine healing water
  • Golden light – learn more about which color lights you can visualize here

Working with your subconscious mind through visualization can help you do healing work on yourself, cut cords, find out why certain things keep happening to you, what is holding you back, what your problems can teach you, and learn about yourself. What are your favorite ways to use your imagination?

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