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How to Cuddle God

What is God/Source/Divine?

I perceive this whole universe being made of energy. At it’s source, every object and being is energy. I do not believe that there is a being who rules over the earth, the universe, or the human species. I do however believe that we are all connected through energy, to the Source of all energy.

I mention Source energy in many other posts and even some of my guided meditations. Source is not a type of god (though the words god and source can be used interchangeably if you would like) that rules over this reality. You can imagine Source as a large pool of energy from which everything flows out. The energy making you, a fork, or your cat in the next room is all coming from this source in various ways. We are all one.. literally.

This makes everything divine, everything god everything deserving of love.

The importance of the heart

The word love has become cliche, and so has the concept that the heart is important. But I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an open heart. Your heart and ability to love connects you directly to Source energy. Love is pure positive focus. Love opens new opportunities, frees up your energy field, welcomes new and delicious-feeling experiences into your reality, and reminds you of your power. In order to live the most in-alignment with our own divinity kind of life, we should strive to live with vulnerable, open hearts.

One way to get closer to your own divinity (to cuddle god) is to connect with beauty. This can be anything from appreciating softness of a dog’s fur to watching an amazing sunset.

Beauty connects you to Source

There are many ways to experience love. Beauty is one of the most amazing ways. There is not a single thing here in this reality that is not beautiful in some way if you look at it with a changed perspective. Unfortunately due to commercialism and societal conditioning, we have a very small definition of what is beautiful. However, by breaking this small definition of beauty we will be able to shine as the infinitely beautiful (inside and out) and jaw-dropping beings of light, power, and love that we really are.

Beauty opens the heart. It melts the barriers and walls we have built around our hearts and often shifts us into a high-vibratory state of gratitude and appreciation. By appreciating beauty we are worshiping God/Source, and by doing so – ourselves.  According to, worship is defined as “reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.” You are connected to Source, therefore you are also divine and sacred. You deserve to be honored and loved just like any other divine being.

By appreciating our own beauty and allowing others’ appreciation of our beauty to enter our conscious knowing, we are living as humans were truly meant to live – with powerful, open, sacred hearts.

There is a hormone called oxytocin – it is known commonly as “the cuddle hormone”. This is just one of the many neurotransmitters that play a role in keeping you happy and in a positive mood. The thing about this hormone is that it of course you are not going to get a flood of these good-feeling neurotransmitters when you are stressed and only doing things to increase your stress level. Your priority should be to remain relaxed – it is easier for you to take care of your mental and emotional needs when you are in a relaxed, parasympathetic state. It is not about being perfect or trying to be. But simply remember in each moment that there is something you can do to bring a little more relaxation into your life situation. Often all it requires is a brief and slight change of focus.

There are many ways to connect with this cuddly, open-hearted, loving, connected to Source feeling – notice and pay attention to what makes your heart feel larger, warmer, or more open:

  • A beautiful sunset
  • Your partners laugh
  • An animal peacefully sleeping
  • A moving piece of art
  • The stillness and perfection of nature
  • Your home decor
  • The sound of wind rustling through tree leaves

These are all different manifestations of beauty and the definition of beauty will be different for everyone. The key here is to find out for yourself what feels good to you and let yourself gravitate towards that. For those of you who are energetically sensitive, focusing on beauty in an intentful way can even help you to sense other types of energy and connect with your higher self and intuitive capabilities. When you change your focus and feel grateful for the beauty around you amazing things can happen – and one of the best benefits is how you can emotionally feel after making it a point to try to focus on beauty.

By putting beauty in a box we also put Source and ourselves in a box. Break the box open and recognize all the amazing ways you get to see and experience beauty in your life and most importantly – in yourself!


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