The Akashic Records



The Akashic Records is a place where all information from this universe is stored. It is not actually a physical place. The Akashic Records exist everywhere in every moment. You can imagine that the Records exist in the air particles around you, like little sparks of psychic information floating around you. So the information of the Akashic Records is all around you in the air but it is on a separate dimension or frequency (until you bring yourself to the same level.) You can also imagine that the Records are a gigantic library filled with books on everything that has happened and can possibly happen. A book on each person, a book on each animal, possible outcomes for this planet and solar system, and earth history. Anything you can think of – it is there.

The Akashic Records are essentially a collection of everything that takes place here and could possibly take place. You could also call the Akashic Records a psychic library or astral encyclopedia. Everyone is psychic to some extent because being psychic is a human trait, so everyone has at one point accessed the Akashic Records even if unknowingly. Psychics regularly access the Akashic Records to obtain information about themselves, their clients, or situations. If you have done psychic readings before and even if you haven’t, you have probably unconsciously gotten some information through the Akashic Records. Empaths and highly sensitive people have a nautral inclination to pull information from the Records even unbeknownst to them.

What is in the Akashic Records?

All information is kept in the Akashic Records, and there is so much that you could spend your whole human lifetime there and there would still be more to learn because it is infinite. The reason that there is so much information even for one person is that it contains possibilities. Any time that you are at a crossroads and need to make decision, such as if you would like to drink tea or water, it’s almost as if two of you are created and you both live separate lives- one who drinks tea and one who drinks water. The possible life of the version of you who drank tea is stored in the Akashic Records even if you decided to drink water. If you add up all of the decisions you have had to make you can see that that would equal a lot of other possible life paths and a lot of information. Because the truth is, if you had had tea instead of water, your life could have been completely different- and it is that information that is stored in the Akashic Records. So for a single individual there will be information about their parallel realities, alternate lives, past lives, possibilities, and probable futures.


Archetype + personality – Akashic record intuitive reading

This reading is all about who you are. The goal of this reading is to help you discover more of who you are – what you’re good at, what you came to do, possibly what you have done in some past lives, empathic or psychic gifts, and personality traits. I offer career suggestions and advice to help develop your talents. This is the kind of reading you should get if you want to know more about who you are and your life purpose. You will receive your reading via email within 1-2 weeks of your payment processing. Not currently offered to those of you living in the EU.Not offered to anyone under 18 years of age.


Information stored in the Akashic Records

⦁ Every thought that has ever been thought
⦁ Soul gifts, talents and abilities that a person has
⦁ Every potential life path for that moment
⦁ All possible life paths that could have been taken
⦁ Information about a persons soul purpose
⦁ Information on past and alternate lives
⦁ Information on every type of being and object
⦁ Genetic and ancestral information

Reading the future and possible lifepaths

The future is not set in stone. Going to the Akashic Records to look at your future can be similar to using divination to look at your future. You may end up seeing a future that you do not like but it is completely okay because you can make choices to change your future. Divination or information from the Records may show you one thing, but you can change your frequency and what you line up with in order to change that future. For example if you see a future of paying thousands of dollars to repair your car, you could instead take your car to a mechanic right now and pay a few hundred to detect a problem early that was going to escalate into that large sum of money. Or if you see yourself failing a test you could try studying more.

Most often when the future is looked at with the Akashic Records it is the most probable future. For example, lets say person A has a 65% chance of marrying person B, an 13% chance of marrying person C, a 53% chance of staying single, and a 5% chance of marrying person D. Reading the future for this person would result in you most likely seeing them marrying person A. However, some people are very static and some are mutable. Some people run from change and have very predictable lives. Some others are constantly working on self-improvement and trying new things. It can be harder to read the future of these mutable individuals since they are working on themselves and getting into a higher vibrational state that will result in different outcomes. That said – do not worry so much about the future and trying to predict it. Instead, follow your intuition and use that as your guidance system to get you to the future you would most like to have.

Though past lives are within the Akashic Records, I want to take a moment to say that your past lives are not more important than your current life. If it is essential to your existence and life purpose to know your past lives then you will start remembering them, but there is no need for you to rush to find out about them. Remembering past lives can be very emotionally draining, extremely distracting, and just generally overwhelming. Tapping into past lives can open a whole new can of worms you potentially may not want to deal with right now. Personally, I do not believe that all of our problems come from past lives. I do not believe that the reason that you have problems getting good grades or gaining/losing weight is necessarily a past or alternate life issue. I believe it is extremely important to look at your current life for reasons why you are experiencing what you are experiencing instead of immediately coming to the conclusion that it is out of your control due to some supernatural cause or past life issue.

How can you access the Akashic Records?

What you need to know before you try to access the Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records requires some focus and ability to quiet your mind and get into an alpha brain wave state – calm yet alert. If you can accomplish those two things, then getting into the Records is a matter of practice and intention. If you feel that you cannot yet focus well or quiet your mind, check out meditation 101. You can’t really rush or force yourself to do this type of process – and there is no need to!

Getting to the Akashic Records is a matter of raising your vibration so that you are a match to the information you are seeking. Since the Records exist on another dimensional level it will take a shift in focus from your current dimension to the one you are trying to access. It is like tuning your personal radio dial to tune into the radio station of the Akashic Records. The process of learning how to get to the Records is similar to learning astral projection- trying to force yourself out of body will actually keep you stuck in your body because you are resisting it.

Something important to note is that if you want to see the world through rose-tinted glasses – accessing the Akashic Records is not what is going to make that happen for you. If you forget dreams when you wake up – sometimes this is due to a conscious or even subconscious unwillingness to face the truth. Sometimes it is just that the truth is just too much for you to handle at that present moment. I believe it is very important to work with the information that you are ready for at the present moment. There is no need for you to try to know about 4,867 past lives or anything else – your physical life here takes precedence over everything else.

If you go to the Records to gather information about a personal predicament and why it is not going away – keep in mind that you may run into some information that you don’t like the sound of. Sometimes if you try to access the Records for information that is not good for you in that present moment, you may find it impossible to access the Records. Just like with dreams, you can be prevented from remembering or finding things out that are not presently good for you to know.

Some possible ways of accessing the Akashic Records are:

⦁ Visualizing getting to the Records during meditation
⦁ Astral projecting (OBE) into the Records
⦁ Setting an intention to access the information you are looking for in the records and waiting to receive it

Creating an out of body experience (also known as astral projection) is something that will most likely take ten times as much practice as getting to the Akashic Records for most people. So visualization, meditation, and intention are some of the easiest ways in my opinion. When I get ready to access the Records I usually end up using all three. I was trained to access the records via visualization but I believe it is essential to meditate beforehand. It is so much easier to understand the information and have a clear mind prepared for that information after meditation. After that first step, I usually set an intention and ask for the help of some spirit beings and guides that I work with. Your intention could be “I now wish to enter the Akashic Records for _____ reason.” You can make this as complex or simple as you like – but being specific definitely pays off. After setting your intention, you can then visualize getting there – perhaps see yourself walking into a giant astral library. I no longer use visualization since with practice I can feel that I am already in the records but I do think that visualization helps especially when you are first starting out. Remember that the Akashic Records are not actually place, so you do not need to visualize an actual building or library to get to the Akashic Records, but it can be easier for some people’s minds to do it this way . You can also visualize the information floating to you and seeping into your mind’s eye.

Tips to get the best results from reading the Akashic Records:

⦁ Be patient
⦁ Have a purpose – asking questions out of curiosity or boredom will sometimes lead nowhere
⦁ Know your psychic gifts and how you receive information the easiest. Allow the information to come to you how it wants
⦁ Use discernment

Safety and discernment

How do you know if you are really accessing the Records? How can you be sure that you are not making it up? These are very good questions. When you begin trying to access the records you will probably be a little nervous or doubtful of yourself. Each time you ask a question your mind might start racing and give you answers that clearly are not true. Be patient! Your mind may race at first but once you get past this hurdle things become easier and more natural to you. Until then, take the information you receive with a grain of salt. Use information you gather from the Akashic Records to supplement what you already know and what you gain from listening to your intuition. Reading the Akashic Records can be a valuable skill for people interested in psychic readings, past lives, and future possibilities but it is by no means necessary.

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