How to Use Selenite – Crystals

Overview of emotional, mental, and spiritual influences of selenite:

  • Helps you to connect to spirit in a large way
  • Helps with connecting to angels, guides, and other spirits
  • Spirit communication
  • Growing psychic abilities
  • Clearing and cleansing the auric field 
  • Getting into alignment

Selenite helps the growth of clair abilities and psychic senses

This is one of my number-one crystals for psychic growth. This crystal helps to raise your vibration so much so that it is much easier for you to access your natural abilities. Everyone has their own gifts. This gifts are often referred to as clair abilities. Maybe you are naturally clairvoyant, or naturally claircognizant. Maybe you are able to connect with people’s energy easily. Psychic gifts manifest differently for each person – so try not to compare yourself to others if you are trying to grow and expand your abilities.

The effects I see and feel with selenite are almost immediate, this is why I often meditate with this crystals before I do intuitive readings or crystal healing on someone. It really boosts my clairvoyant abilities and I can even feel the effects days after.

Selenite is a cleansing crystal

Selenite is one crystal I always reach for when I need to cleanse stale or negative energies. These may be energies in someone’s auric field when I’m doing energy healing, or energy in my own auric field, or even my workplace or home. One way to cleanse your own energy field with selenite would be to wave a selenite wand around your own body for a few minutes.

Get into alignment and get on track

Selenite can help with both physical alignment and spiritual alignment. Physically I love to place selenite along the spine to help with this alignment. Spiritually I feel that selenite helps you to really get “on track” and leave behind that is not the right path for you. Selenite pushes you to align yourself with actions and thinking that get you into the mindspace that you need to be in to fulfill your life purpose.

Connect to spiritual guides with selenite

For me, it is almost a guarantee that I will have some sort of spirit communication when I am with selenite. This crystal is great for spirit communication, channeling, speaking with your guides, and receiving messages. Be open to how your messages may come through because sometimes it is not always in words, or in ways you expect. This is a wonderful crystal to work with if you would like to connect to the angelic realm as well. You can sleep with selenite to promote spirit communication in your dreams.

The physical healing properties of selenite:

  • Spinal issues and spine pain
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • PMS
  • Skin issues, skin irritations, and inflammations

In this post we went over the uses of selenite, how to use selenite, and crystal healing with selenite.