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DIY Calming Herbal Tea – 3 Ways

If you are here because of my “ DIY Calming Herbal Tea 3 Ways” video, welcome to my website! I share other herbal info and also offer healing sessions as well.

Learn how to create calming herbal teas with common herbs. Here are the tea recipes and some useful information about the calming herbs used in these recipes.

Heart Healer

Rose – Rose is a calming nervine that is very soothing and has an affinity for the Heart. Learn more about rose here. It helps you go deeply into the core of your heart in a calming way while also helping you to be authentic in love.

Schizandra – Schizandra is a tasty little berry that, like rose, has an affinity for the Heart. It is calming to the spirit and can help prevent the loss of mental and physical energy.

Albizia – I used albizia flowers in this recipe and they are also sometimes known as mimosa. Albizia is wonderful at helping you connect to joy.

“Anxiety” Tea

Milky oatseed – Milky oats are one of my favorite herbs for restoring the nervous system to optimal health and function.

Tulsi – Tulsi (holy basil) is an amazing herb that helps calm the mind and increase mental capacity. It is one of my favorite adaptogens. These are herbs that help your body manage stress-long term.

Motherwort – Motherwort is incredibly grounding and is a great herb to have around when you have anxiety. It is calming and can help bring you to the present moment while seeing your anxiety and stress in a realistic light.

Skullcap – Skullcap is lovely for when you are having anxiety and feel like you want to escape from your own skin. Skullcap is soothing and assists in cases of nervous exhaustion.

Sleep time tea

Lavender – Lavender is indicated in times of stress, especially when it seems the stress is very mental and centered in the head. It is wonderful when there is nervous exhaustion with insomnia and stress.

Chamomile – A perfect nighttime herb for when you are feeling irritable and restless. Especially great if you have also had a big meal and are having some indigestion before bed.

Lemonbalm – Like chamomile, lemonbalm is indicated when you are restless. This is a great herb to have when you are tense, stressed, have insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety.

How to make the tea

    So the measurements for these tea blends are all 1 part for each herb. What does that mean? When you measure in parts, you just use the number (in this case 1) of whatever measurement tool you are using. So if a recipe calls for 2 parts rose petals and 1 part lemon peel, you can use 2 tablespoons of rose petals, 2 handfuls of rose petals, 2 grams of rose petals, or 2 pounds. For the lemon peel it would be 1 tablespoon of lemon peel, 2 handfuls of lemon peel – you get the idea. So for each herb in each tea blend you just add 1 part. As you can see in the video I decided to use tablespoons so that I could make small batches.

Where to buy herbs

Click here to buy herbs and natural products from iHerb.

Click here for a list of other places to buy herbs from and some information for you if you would like to learn more about herbal medicine.

If you have never made loose leaf tea before don’t panic because it is quite easy! I usually use my tea strainer from iherb which can be found here but there are also similar ones on amazon. You could also use french press.

Want to learn more about herbalism?

Here are some tips for beginner herbalists



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