My Top 5 Favorite Calming Crystals

Crystal healing can be a very calming experience. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I have always appreciated the way that I feel after a crystal healing experience. I know how important it is to have healing practices and rituals that help us to calm down. In this article I am going to share with you some of my favorite crystals that give off a calming energy and give some ideas of how to work with them.

1. Blue Calcite

My all-time favorite calming crystal is… drumroll blue calcite! Blue calcite is amazing for so many reasons. I work with blue calcite in my crystal healing sessions with clients who are stressed, experiencing grief, in pain, feeling sad, lost, or just overwhelmed. If you are in doubt about which crystal to work with, this one is a good choice. When I spend time with blue calcite I see my worries in a more realistic perspective and am finally able to breathe out a sigh of relief.

2. Ruby

My second favorite calming crystal is ruby. I call ruby the “can do it” crystal, because no matter what we are going through – you CAN do it! Now, of course the energy of this crystal doesn’t erase all the pain and hardship of life but it does help us with it. Ruby is like a master navigator through the hardship and suffering of life. I liken ruby to adaptogens which are herbs that help the body adapt to stress over time. Ruby is there like a support beam helping us to stay grounded and supported in the turbulence of life.

3. Iolite

amethyst crystal healing

My third favorite is iolite. This crystal is a crystal of deep connections. Iolite teaches about the power of spiritual connectivity between all things. The lesson is that we are all water drops in a large ocean and all connected in many ways – so you are not alone in your pain, your suffering, or your sadness. Iolite also teaches you to use the clarity and power of your heart to guide you through confusion.

4. Lepidolite

My fourth choice is lepidolite. Lepidolite energetically feels similar to a weighted blanket – it is very calming and encourages a feeling of security. It lends feelings of peace while encouraging us to give up our worries, fears, old wounds, and whatever is weighing down on our hearts.

5. Rose quartz

And last but not least is rose quartz. Rose quartz teaches us all about love and dispels all of our not-so-accurate ideas about love that prevent us from actually receiving it. It helps to promote a peaceful and calm atmosphere and is a nice crystal to place around your home or office in order to encourage peaceful and compassionate communication.


Those are my top 5 crystals to promote calmness and reduce stress! Working with crystals can be very simple. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a gem elixir
  • Put crystals in your pocket
  • Wear crystal jewelry
  • Meditate with crystals

The crystals mentioned in this post can be used in the following ways:

  • Crystals for stress relief
  • Crystals for anxiety
  • Crystals for sleep
  • Crystals for depression

And if you want to learn more about crystal healing, read How Does Crystal Healing Work, and check out How to Connect with Crystals.