How Psychic Intuitive Readings can Change Your Life

What are psychic intuitive readings?


do psychics use crystal balls?

For one thing, I don’t use a crystal ball. And I am not going to tell you that you need an immediate $500.00 cleansing to get rid of bad energy in your aura. I am not going to pretend to know everything. I won’t make wild claims. Drink this magic-chakra-sage-smudge juice and you will feel better.

But I’m not going to magically fix your life either.

There are a lot of assumptions about psychics that aren’t really true. Everyone is different, and I am going to show you how my psychic intuitive readings can change your life.

So what are psychic intuitive readings, really?

Psychic readings have been called many names and there are many types as well:

  • Psychic readings – interchangeable with many of the terms below
  • Intuitive readings – similar or in many cases the same as a psychic reading
  • Akashic Record readings – accessing the Akashic Records in order to get information for a psychic reading
  • Tarot readings – this reading is based on interpretation of cards
  • Palm reading or palmistry – interpretation of the lines on your palms
  • Astrological reading – interpretation of the influence that the planets and stars have on your life
  • Natal chart reading – the planets were aligned in a certain way when you were born. A natal chart shows these alignments and interprets them according to astrology
  • Numerology readings – using the language and code of numbers to gain answers about your life
  • Mediumship – involves contacting spirits
  • Intuitive mediums – these are people who use the skills of mediumship and intuition together to give their readings
  • Scams – we all know these!

A psychic reader is someone who gathers information in ways beyond the typical human senses. This information is shared with a client in order to help them navigate a situation; find out about their past, present, or future; or even find out if their partner is cheating. Some people claim that psychic abilities are pseudoscience and that the information shared with clients is either made up or based on “hints” that the clients give in their words or body language. Since I do my readings online via email, I have neither hints or body language – just the person’s email and name.

Psychic readings are actually… pretty damn cool.

Psychic readings aren’t always about concrete predictions of the past or future (like what you ate for breakfast this morning or what will you eat for breakfast tomorrow). Psychic intuitive readings (mine, at least) are more about advice and a broadened perspective into your situation. It is more like intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance. Though I do sometimes offer a timeline of when certain situations could occur in my readings, there is more of information like this:

  • I see that X is occurring or about to occur, here is what you can do to make the best of this opportunity
  • I see that X career isn’t working out for you. X,Y, and Z careers would out much better because of your skills in _____.
  • The energy in X area of your aura isn’t moving well, and I can see that it is causing you X,Y, and Z. Here is what you can do to help with that.
  • It looks like you ar struggling to move forward from X situation. Here is what you can do to help with that
  • Many of your past or alternate lives include you doing X activity. This can cause you to feel ____

So as you can see, my style of doing psychic intuitive readings is not all about the typical questions asked of psychic readers. I do not do relationship readings or answer medical questions. I do however offer a lot of information about career choices and what your spiritual gifts are. Intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance are my specialties.

What is it like to get a psychic intuitive reading?

The first reading I got completely changed my life.

I was 18 years old and struggling. It had been a couple of years since my spiritual awakening and I still hadn’t quite figured everything out. I could see energy, but why? I could do energy healing and communicate with spirits, but why? I needed clarity and spiritual guidance. I knew I needed answers. I knew that something was going on in my life but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

In addition to answering my questions, the reader confirmed some suspicions I had about situations in my life and traits that I had as a person. She offered some much needed intuitive counseling and coaching.

I still remember the reaction I had to that reading many years ago. How could someone who doesn’t know me or have information about me know so much? How is this so accurate?

I felt

  • Alive
  • Joyous
  • Like I had something to celebrate
  • Clear
  • Prepared and even excited for the future (something I rarely felt since I struggled with depression
  • I knew my life purpose and mission
  • The pieces of the puzzle were finally coming together, and I actually liked what I saw!

There are many benefits to getting a psychic intuitive reading but for me, the greatest benefit has been the ability to exhale and let go because everything is working out as it should!

Here are the benefits of a psychic intuitive reading:

  • Clarity – you know who you are, you have answers. Maybe you don’t have all of the answers, but you know enough to move forward
  • Confirmation of what you already know – this can help wipe out self-doubt. Even though I exhibited a lot of psychic gifts at a young age I still doubted myself! Psychic readings definitely helped me with my impostor syndrome.
  • Gain an understanding of your life timeline – psychic intuitive readings aren’t all about your past, present, and future. However, the information you gain from your reading can help you better understand all three. Many of my clients nowadays are in-between careers and trying to make large shifts. I bring together the experiences of their past and their life missions in the future to help them make decisions in the present.
  • Recognize blocks so you can move forward. I have a Shadow Self Connection reading just for this. The shadow self often contains parts that you don’t consciously know about. These unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and ideas can still rule your conscious reality if you let them.
  • Understand and discover your gifts – this is one of my favorites! I love helping people discover and understand their gifts. Spiritual gifts can be many things: an affinity for communicating with spirits, good leadership skills, the ability to mediate between people, a connection with Archangel Raphael that makes you an especially good healer, and many more things.
  • Communicate with past loved ones, spirits, guides, angels, and elevated ancestral spirits – beings are constantly communicating with you. But we are constantly inundated with all sorts of information so it can easily get drowned out. Many of us also don’t have the experience or training to know how to communicate with these beings. This is where a professional psychic or medium can be helpful.
  • Open your mind to new possibilities – when you are stressed and convinced that there is no other way – a psychic can see that there are actually many other ways! A professional psychic intuitive can open your mind so that you can find a way out of your situation and into the new reality that you want to be a part of.
psychic readings for soul purpose

You are probably wondering how you know if a psychic reading is accurate. How do you know if a psychic reading is a scam? This is a really good question. Some people think that psychic readings are all fluff and fake happy sayings (and some are.) You will know that a psychic reading is accurate if:

  1. You receive specific information about your situation. The reading just isn’t just full of vague information that could be said to someone else
  2. The reading just feels right and there is something inside of you that knows it is the truth
  3. There might be some bits of information that seems to make not sense, but over a process of days or weeks they do make sense

My process for a psychic intuitive reading

I put a lot of effort into the psychic intuitive readings I do – I want you to get the best results possible! I have a whole routine for doing them and if I miss my routine, well, I just don’t do any readings. I need to be in a good mindset or else I can’t do readings very well. If I am too sick, too hungry, too tired, or just not feeling right then I put off doing readings until I am at my best.

I always make sure I meditate and cleanse my space before I do any readings. This makes sure that I am emotionally and mentally stable beforehand. Cleansing makes sure that the results of your reading aren’t muddled by interference. Cleansing my space makes it easier for higher-vibrational entities to come through which in turn makes communicating with your spirits, guides, and angels much easier.

When it is time for the session I ground myself and connect to the client’s energy. Since my readings are all done via email nowadays, I can do my readings whenever I am spiritually at my best. My email tarot readings are just as effective as a reading done by someone right in front of you – if not better.

I consider myself to be an intuitive healer. What is an intuitive? Someone who is connected to their intuition and gathers information from it. When i have crystal healing sessions at my office here in Nashville I often share information that i picked up during the session with my clients. I gained this information through my intuition.

Where does the information come from? The Akashic Records

Information that I share with you in a psychic intuitive reading comes from the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records can be thought of as a nonphysical library of all information on earth and beyond. These records contain the past, present, future, and all possibilities. I offer an Akashic Record reading to give spiritual guidance and help you find out information like..:

  • Who are your spiritual guides?
  • What did you do in your past lives?
  • What trainings did you have in past lives?
  • What are you here to do, what is your life purpose?
  • What life lessons are you here to learn?

You can learn more about the Akashic Records and what kind of information they contain here.

What I do, and what I don’t do

I don’t offer medical advice (like do you have cancer, or will you get covid 19). I also don’t answer most relationship questions. If you want to know if your partner is cheating or if they really ave feelings for you then I am not the reader for you. Most readers on popular psychic website will be willing to answer these types of relationship questions.

In my readings I do aim to uplift, clarity, and inspire. Above all I aim to share the truth – that is the most important aspect of a reading! Anyone can send a client an inspirational blurb about how they are a very talented actor and things will work out in the end. But that doesn’t help if it is not the truth. Sometimes, the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth isn’t what we want to hear. And I deliver that with compassion and empathy. I am an intuitive healer but not a liar.

In this post we went over:

  • What are the benefits of a psychic intuitive reading?
  • How are psychic intuitive readings done?
  • How to know if a psychic intuitive reading is a scam or fake
  • Where does psychic information come from?
  • What is it like to get a psychic intuitive reading?
  • The Akashic Records
  • What is an intuitive
  • What are psychic intuitive readings?