6 Best Crystals for Protection

Does your energy just feel… off? Like something is wrong.


  • Do you feel like you’re being watched?
  • Do you have a suspicion that an unwanted spirit is lurking in your home?
  • Or do you have a feeling that a spirit is stuck to you?
  • Do you think you can feel someone’s negative intent towards you actually affecting you and manifesting into something?
  • Do you think you just need something to get rid of the negative energy in your life?
  • Do you feel stuck in life or that no matter where you turn, an obstacle is placed on your path?

You might want some protection crystals. You also might not. There are a lot of things to consider when you are going through the above scenarios in life. You really need to know when you need to take some protective measures and how to do it. But MOST importantly, you need to know when those protective measures WON’T work!

When shouldn’t you use protective crystals? Why do you need protective crystals?

Most likely you are reading through this because you are in search of some protective crystals, and you will find all of that information in this article. But more importantly, you need to know when protection crystals are not enough.

You need to assess what’s going on in order to know what to do.

Do you need protective crystals, or do you need energetic cleansing?
Do you need protective crystals, or do you need better boundaries?
Do you need protective crystals, or do you need to learn how to function properly as an empath?

Energetic cleansing for protection

If you are considering using crystals for protection, you should form a habit or energetic cleansing if you haven’t already. Energetic cleansing is the process of cleansing the energy around you. Energy normally moves in a healthy way but certain circumstances can cause energy to flow in an unhealthy way or become stale. Having a spirit, constant arguments, or negative emotions affects the energy of your home if you don’t do anything about it.

Many people use white sage or singing bowls to cleanse their spaces. I instead recommend using tuning forks, sprays, instruments that are a part of your cultural background, or rosemary bundles.

Boundaries for protection

Do you have unhealthy boundaries with other people? If so, trying to get protection from spirits is usually not going to work. Why? It’s the same thing! If you have issues with getting your boundaries blurred at your job, in school, and in relationships, then you most likely just don’t know how to stand up for yourself. Having good boundaries is the most important aspect to consider if you feel you are in need of energetic protection whether it is from a spirit or just negative energy. Good boundaries by themselves are usually enough to deter negative spirits away.

Protection for empaths

There is a big difference between being an actual empath and someone who just doesn’t have healthy boundaries. A true empath is like a psychic in many ways. An empath can tell what other people are feeling without social or verbal cues. This below does not make you an empath:

  • Crying at every sad story or deeply empathizing with people
  • Feeling sad constantly
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the problems in the world
  • Being around people makes you feel drained
  • Feeling like everyone else is more powerful than you
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in or belong
  • Being good at helping people or feeling like you need to help people
  • Finding it hard to maintain personal relationships

The above scenarios are often an indication that you need tools, help, and therapy, but not necessarily that you are an empath.

So if you are struggling as an empath, you have unhealthy boundaries, or you need to start energetically cleansing your space, start there before working with protective gemstones.

When you really do need protection:

If you do have healthy boundaries, a high level of self-awareness, and a general understanding of how spirits and energy works but something feels wrong, then you might need protection in this case. There are spirits, people, places, and objects with negative energy that can cause you harm. As mentioned previously, you being healthy and having good boundaries is the first step or the rest of the steps don’t matter.

Energetic protection is performing actions or working with objects that help protect your energy or remove unwanted influences from your energy. Protective crystals can be a way of energetic protection. There are a lot of reasons why crystals work and as a psychic who regularly works with spirits, I find them incredibly helpful.

What are the best crystals for protection?

Protective crystals are also known as protection gemstones and crystals for negative energy removal. These powerful protection crystals are wonderful to work with when you are setting up energetic protection strategies.

Myths about protective crystals

There are a lot of myths surrounding crystals in general and especially protective crystals. It all stems from not understanding the energy that underlies everything in our reality. Crystals influence our energies and they influence the energies around us. Crystals have their own unique energies that they put out into the world. Here are myths and mistakes that prevent people from getting the most out of protective crystals.

Protection crystal healing myths people believe:

  • They think that crystals are like batteries and need to be charged. Crystals already put out energy. You can certainly try to charge them if you like, but it’s really not necessary!
  • They think that crystals are like glasses of water, and get full of energy. This one is similar to the battery scenario. A big myth is that black tourmaline can get full of negative energy and actually amplify it. Though it is true that crystals need to be cleansed from time to time, it is not true that they amplify negative energy. You can’t use a crystal to curse someone or cause harm. Remember, crystals have their own energy and intentions. Imagine someone trying to use a shoe as a car – it won’t work!
  • They think that crystals need to be told what to do. A crystal has all of its possible healing properties already inside of it, so it doesn’t need to be told what it is, or how to do it. You can, of course, speak with your crystal and set intentions. Intentions, not instructions! If you decide to work with these powerful protection crystals below, keep this in mind.

1. Black tourmaline for protection

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal for protection and crystal for negative energy removal. There are a lot of properties of black tourmaline. This crystal helps prevent the build-up of stale or negative energy and can also transmute energy. I keep black tourmaline in many areas of my home and outside around my home as well.

When there is energy build up in a space, black tourmaline is the crystal to reach for. It is truly a cleansing crystal. It comes into contact with the unwanted energies and transmutes them into clean, neutral energy. If a bad event has happened and you want to clear the air, this is the right crystal for you.

This crystal is great if you want to avoid feeling the effects of negative energy buildup. Since I am a psychic and work with other people’s energy, I have to do a lot of cleansing every single day! Black tourmaline helps you to keep the energy in your home the way you want it. This is one of the best general protection crystals

2. Proustite for protection

Proustite is an extremely powerful protection crystal. This is a crystal to work with if you have issues with spirits or negative entity attachments. If you don’t for sure have issues with entity attachments, then proustite may not be the right choice.

Proustite is wonderful because not only is it intensely cleansing when it comes to removing negative energy, but it can help with other types of cleansing. Do you want to get rid of an old habit? Do you want help with intrusive thoughts? Do you keep attracting parasitic people or actual parasites into your life? Proustite may be the crystal for you.

3. Black onyx for protection

If you are someone who is in the process of learning how to have healthy boundaries, black onyx can be an ally in that journey. Black onyx is for people who are learning to have the confidence to stick up for themselves. It also has the same transmuting of energy effects as black tourmaline.

4. Blue Calcite for protection

Blue calcite is an incredibly calming crystal that I use with about 60% of my clients in crystal healing sessions, I find it that amazing! Blue calcite is not usually known as a protective crystal but it has this amazing ability to help you become more sensitive to the energies around you.

Blue calcite helps you understand what is and is not you so that you can tell when something is not right. A big problem empaths have is not knowing where their energy stops and another person’s energy begins. Blue calcite gently reminds you of the energetic barriers around you and what passes in and out.

5. Selenite for protection

Selenite is one of the best cleansing crystals you can find. Selenite wands are my go-to during crystal healing sessions when there is energy I need to clear from someone.

If you are planning on cleansing your own aura or energy field then I recommend reaching for selenite. Selenite gem water is an excellent choice if you want to do an energetic cleansing of your home. Simply put it in a spray bottle and add any other ingredients and you are good to go!

One of the best properties of selenite is its ability to help you connect to higher vibrational beings. This is excellent if you are trying to connect with guides, elevated ancestral spirits, or deities but also want to keep unwanted entities out.

We are also going to cover the best protection crystals for empaths, stones for protection from negative energy and crystals for negative energy removal, and emf protection stones. Keep reading for even more crystals for protection!

Protection crystals for empaths

6. Magnetic lodestone – a protection crystal for empaths

Magnetic lodestone is one of the best crystals for empaths in general, and definitely one of the best protection crystals for empaths. This is another one fo the crystals that helps with boundaries. Since many of the issues empaths suffer from involve boundary issues, magnetic lodestone is a perfect fit.

Magnetic lodestone helps you to ground and really feel that you are a part of this earth. It can be hard to have healthy boundaries until you have done this. If you feel that you need a protective gemstone and also feel that you are ungrounded then you should consider working with magnetic lodestone.

Crystals for protection from spirits

Do you need a crystal for protection from a spirit?

People often think that they need crystals to remove negative spirits if they are having symptoms like these:

  • Things constantly going wrong
  • Bad luck
  • Feeling drained
  • A lack of clarity
  • A “wrong” feeling in your home
  • Constant arguments and miscommunication
  • Seeing shadow figures
  • Strange noises in the house
  • Pets being afraid of seemingly nothing
  • Strange marks on the walls or on your body
  • Items breaking
  • Electrical issues
  • Bad nightmares

Proustite is still the number one choice for negative entity removal. Black tourmaline is number two on the list. Work with these crystals in addition to doing energetic cleansing and this will help with negative entity removal. You can place them around the home, wear them, or make gem water with them.

In this post you learned about the best crystals for protection and when to use crystals for negative energy removal. Feeling safe and protected is very important for every human being and especially for people who are sensitive and people who do psychic work. Remember to develop healthy boundaries and always put yourself first!