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Rachael Simone connects you to your own intuitive abilities so that you can be in harmony with yourself, your body, and your environment. She is a professional healer who wants people to heal and feel amazing so they can go on to accomplish amazing things. Her intuitive guidance brings clarity, hope, and comfort to people who are looking to grow spiritually and people who are stuck in life.

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Healing occurs when blockages are removed, clarity is gained, and pain is nurtured. Rachael puts together her years of training and experience with crystal healing, intuitive guidance, chronic pain, and herbalism to create a healing experience that benefits mind, body, and spirit. She has spent years developing her relationships with crystals and energy healing so that she can address deep and painful issues while also bringing comfort. Injuries and pain are caused for specific reasons so you need specific solutions to your pain. She takes the time to get to understand your pain and its causes so that I can take care of it at the source.

The surrounding environment and culture urges people to be constantly busy, stressed, and disconnected from themselves. The goal of Intuitive Harmony Medicine is to help people reclaim their health and relaxation and by doing so reclaim their humanity.

Intuitive Harmony Medicine.com is full of free resources such as downloadable classes, guided meditations, and informative videos for people who are both healers and people who want to be healed. If you are tired of being caught in the same situations and need help moving forward then it is Rachael’s sincere wish that her services, articles, courses, and meditations assist you in your healing journey.


Contact intuitiveharmonymedicine@gmail.com


About my intuitive readings

What is it like to get a reading? Why get intuitive guidance?

The day I got my first intuitive reading was the day my life changed. Someone who knew nothing about me, somehow knew everything about myself I already knew – and more! The reason why intuitive readings can be such an important factor in a persons healing journey is because of the perspective that the intuitive reader brings. I have the ability to connect to what I like to call quantum knowledge. This knowledge exists in all times and all places in the universe. I can receive this knowledge through my intuitive abilities and share it with you for your benefit:

  • I can connect with your personal guides and ancestors who may have messages & help for you
  • I can tell you possible future outcomes and how to prepare for or change them
  • I can find out more about your life purpose and why you are here
  • I can see what may happen if you make one decision vs the other
  • I can see some of your life lessons both past and present that need to be worked on

About my crystal healing

I am a certified crystal healer and my relationships with crystals are some of the most valuable relationships in my life. I cherish the ability and opportunity to connect with these stone beings and share their medicines with others.

 About my herbalism – plant medicine 

My training with herbalism has been moreso focused on working with chronic illness. I have been trained primarily in TCM and Ayurveda. It is my hope to de-bunk a lot of the myths that surround herbal medicine.


FAQ – work in progress

Intuitive reading questions

Q: Should I really get intuitive guidance from you? Is it really for me?

A: My intuitive readings for you if you like digging deep to the root of issues and like being self-aware. Sometimes, being self aware doesn’t feel nice! Work with me if you are okay with revealing things that are sometimes hard to swallow. Self-awareness work can help us to soar to new heights as human beings and by seeing ourselves honestly we are able to improve not only ourselves but our relationships and our work. My intuitive readings are not for you if you think I will predict the future for you, tell you about someone elses personal life, or any unethical behavior.


Herbalism questions

Q: How does herbalism work?

A: Herbalism is the use of plant medicines to bring about a greater state of wellness. There are many forms and definitions of herbalism that I do not practice such as homeopathy, which is just one way to work with herbal medicine. I will share with you how I practice herbal medicine and how I believe it is effective. People are unique and have unique health issues – even if those health issues can have a definition like high blood pressure, PCOS, or irritable bowel syndrome. If you have 10 or even 200 people with irritable bowel syndrome they are still 200 separate cases of irritable bowel syndrome. Their physiology, anatomy, and medical histories are all different. Because of this, each person needs a different treatment approach.

This is why if you google “herbs for irritable bowel syndrome” you most likely won’t get good results from taking those herbs. Herbalism is not looking at a list of herbs that are supposedly supposed to help with a condition. It is first obtaining a deep knowledge of that persons individual condition, then choosing appropriate herbs. As an herbalist, my first priority is to get to know your body. Your cycles, your rhythms, things your body is lacking, and things it has too much of. I gather this information via observation and asking questions (sometimes I even ask questions about pee and poo! I told you herbalism requires detail!) After gathering enough information about you I then have enough information to choose appropriate herbs.  If you are getting an herbal consultation with me you will get dietary and nutritional information as well, because if your diet is hurting your condition there is only so much herbs can do.


Q: How can I get a herbal consultation with you?
A: Herbal consultations will be offered starting Fall 2018. You are more than welcome to apply for a spot ahead of time via email: Intuitiveharmonymedicine@gmail.com


Spinal reflex therapy questions

Q: What kind of clothing do I wear? Will I need to undress?

A: For a 90 min SRT session you will need to undress for the massage portion. If you are uncomfortable with this, I am willing to work around clothing but it will be less effective. There is the option to book 45 minutes of SRT only – you can stay in your clothing for this and it is still 100% effective.

Q: Should I book an appointment with you?

A: If you would like assistance with a particular condition (whiplash, scoliosis, anterior compartment syndrome,) or just pain (low back pain, shoulder issues) then you should book an appointment with me. I am trained to work with these conditions and more. You should not book with me if you do not trust my expertise (at least some!) and if you are unwilling to do your homework (stretches).

Crystal healing questions

Q: Should I book an appointment with you?

A: If you want a relaxing yet intense energetic healing session, then yes book a crystal healing session with me! Do not book with me if you expect for crystal healing to solve all of your problems, or if you are unwilling to look at deeper issues. If you want to get started with crystal healing and are excited but unsure of how to move forward, then yes book a crystal healing phone consultation with me!


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