Crystal Healing


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Want to learn how to use crystals? Don’t know how to get started? Want recommendations from a pro? This is for you. This service is a 15-minute phone session. I will also take some time to tune into your energy to see which crystal(s) will be great for you to work with at this time. I offer suggestions as to how you can work with the crystals and answer other questions if needed.


Crystal healing sessionMiddle Tennessee only

(Must contact prior to booking)

With some crystal healing sessions the person will just use 7 stones, and always put them in the same place. In some crystal healing sessions the healer will simply place the stones on you and leave the room for 60 minutes until the session is over. With me you will receive 75 minutes of loving attention and care from the crystals and me. I will be placing the crystals on top of your body while I do energy healing for you. You will receive a printable PDF summary of your crystal healing session including recommendations and what I found in your energy field.

Crystal healing FAQ


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