Crystal Healing

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*Crystal healing appointments are for women only, LGBTQ+ friendly*

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About crystal healing sessions

Reach a state of deep rest, peace, hopefulness, energy, and healing as various crystals are placed on top of your body. You will be fully clothed for the session.

Crystal healing works because of energy: the energy of the crystals interacts with the energy your body and begins to make shifts within your energetic body. Because I am trained to work with crystals I will be picking the most appropriate crystals for your goals and situation. Crystal healing sessions are extremely relaxing and stress relieving.

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Crystal healing questions

Q: Should I book an appointment with you?

A: If you want a relaxing yet intense energetic healing session, then yes book a crystal healing session with me! Do not book with me if you expect for crystal healing to solve all of your problems, or if you are unwilling to look at deeper issues. If you want to get started with crystal healing and are excited but unsure of how to move forward, then yes book a crystal healing phone consultation with me!